Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Sick of breathing car fumes and smoke while training, it's little wonder professional road-racing cyclist, cancer survivor and Tour de France legend Lance Armstrong was one of the first advocates of the electric car and the obvious patron of choice for Nissan's latest eco-friendly vehicle aptly named the 'Leaf'.

And to show just how dedicated he is to keeping the lungs, roads and earth clean, Lance has just taken ownership of a new Nissan Leaf and caused a media sensation in turn, using social media channels to endorse the car.

The Nissan Leaf, due for Australia release in 2012, is enthusiastically spruiked by Armstrong who tweeted, "About to get my new Nissan Leaf. Can't wait!" along with appearing in new television commercials endorsing the car and its green credentials.

"Anytime you talk about technology - if it's a computer, or if it's a phone, or if it's a bicycle - you always talk about next level," he said earlier this year. "Like, what's next level? Next level is the stuff that just blows you away. To me, the Leaf was just really, in my opinion, what I would call next level."

So, does this mean when he trades the car in he will be turning over a new leaf?

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