Nikki Kerridge Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk Interview

Nikki Kerridge Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk Interview

Join Peppa Pig and Save the Children

This winter, Australian children can slip on their gumboots and join Peppa Pig in getting all muddy while raising funds for other little ones, during Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk for Save the Children!

By participating, pre-schoolers around the country will help support Save the Children's work to give every last child the chance to learn, play and grow up healthy and happy.

Millions of children around the world are currently missing out on this due to factors including lack of access to health and education, abuse and neglect, and humanitarian emergencies. There's a whole week in which to host your own Muddy Puddle Walk, with the fundraising event running from 13-19 August.

By taking part in a Muddy Puddle Walk, children will continue to discover how much fun it is to explore the world around them.

Nikki Kerridge from Save the Children said a Muddy Puddle Walk is easy to take part in, and the perfect excuse to explore the outdoors with your little ones.

"We hope everyone will get outside this winter, come rain or shine, and help raise much needed funds for Save the Children," Nikki said.

"By jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig and raising money for Save the Children you can help give disadvantaged children a brighter future."

Families can sign up individually, and child care centres and playgroups can join in too. There are rewards for everyone, with surprises from Peppa Pig including certificates and stickers plus magazines, books and DVDs.

Visit to get your free Muddy Puddle Walk Fundraising Pack, full of fundraising ideas, fun activities and tips for great walks and activities indoors and out. The fundraising pack will also explain what life is like for children in different countries, helping preschoolers see just how they are making a difference through supporting Save the Children.


Interview with Nikki Kerridge from Save the Children

Question: What is Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk?

Nikki Kerridge: Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle Walk is a brand new fundraising event for families and child care groups. We're inviting children to host a muddy puddle walk between 13-19th August and fundraise for Save the Children.

Question: How can we host our own Muddy Puddle Walk?

Nikki Kerridge: Simply sign up via to create a profile, pick a date that works for you and start fundraising.

Question: What's included in the Muddy Puddle Walk Fundraising Pack?

Nikki Kerridge: The pack is full of ideas to help busy grown-ups plan a great walk, including activities, fundraising tips to help you top up your total, and stories to help your little ones learn about the lives of other children around the world.

You'll also get advice from Peppa and her friends to help you decide which walk's right for you, planning tips and posters, stickers and muddy puddles to decorate.

Question: How will this walk support Save the Children?

Nikki Kerridge: The money you raise will help us to save children's lives all over the world. We believe that every last child should get the chance to learn, play and grow up happy and healthy – no matter where they're born. The money your little ones raise on their Muddy Puddle Walk will help make this happen.

Question: What is Save the Children?

Nikki Kerridge: Save the Children is one of Australia's largest aid and development organisations, and we believe every child deserves a bright future. In Australia and around the world, we do everything we can to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When crisis strikes and children are most vulnerable, we rapidly respond to save children's lives. We always make sure children's unique needs are met and their voices are heard.

For more information about the work of Save the Children Australia, please head to

Question: Why did you decide to start working with Save the Children?

Nikki Kerridge: I've worked in the charity sector for about 10 years in various roles. Save the Children appealed to me as they work both in Australia and around the world. We have amazingly kind and generous supporters and I love the idea that they get to help children both overseas and on their own doorstep. We are also a courageous and ambitious organisation and we pride ourselves on helping the hardest to reach children. That's always made me proud to be a part of Save the Children.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you at Save the Children?

Nikki Kerridge: Busy! As I said, we are ambitious and work hard to continually raise funds for the children we support, and also to let the Australian public know how they can help and how their donations are making a difference. We are also always trying to find new ways that the Australian public can support the children we work with. That's another reason we are so excited about the Muddy Puddle Walk. So we keep ourselves very busy every day! I'm lucky to be surrounded by a hard-working, committed and talented team.

Question: How can Australians, who can't host or attend a walk, support Save the Children?

Nikki Kerridge: There are many ways to get involved! Australians can help by setting up a regular monthly donation or making a donation at any time on or calling 1800 76 00 11.

And they can always donate to somebody else's walk at

Interview by Brooke Hunter