Nicole Rowles Catchup Alternatives Interview

Nicole Rowles Catchup Alternatives Interview

Nicole Rowles Talks Coffee Catchup Alternatives

As Summer creeps up and the end of year drinks, coffee dates, long lunches and events roll in, it's hard to manage a balance of partying, work, family and all that exercise you were supposed to do throughout the year.

Interview with Nicole Rowles, Nine News Regional Queensland Weather Presenter

Question: How will you be balancing partying, work, family and exercise in the festive season?

Nicole Rowles: Probably with great difficulty! I'm working right through Christmas, including Christmas Day, which I'm actually really looking forward to, but of course it means less time for the usual silly season catch-ups. I'll try to cram everything that I can in before work – time with the family, especially my sister, who is about to have her first baby, and time outside, as summer is my favourite time of year. There won't be a whole lot of partying going on – it'll be early to bed so that I can wake up and head to the beach in the mornings!

Question: What are your favourite alternatives to coffee catchups?

Nicole Rowles: I love a coffee date as much as the next girl, but I also enjoy mixing it up. Rock climbing and surfing are two of my favourite things to do with friends. Climbing builds trust, and surfing is meditative. Both are incredibly fun, and are soothing for the soul, so add some good friends into the mix and it's a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

Question: How do these alternatives keep you healthy?

Nicole Rowles: Never underestimate the power of having fun! Keeping fit and active and being in the sun and the outdoors makes you feel great! It puts everything in perspective, and generally, I think that undertaking any kind of physical challenge, especially when it is a little outside our comfort zone, is a situation in which we are incredibly vulnerable. To enter that vulnerable place, and especially to invite our friends to enter it with us, builds confidence and strong personal connections.

Question: Can you tell us about Women Want Adventure?

Nicole Rowles: I'm so proud to support Women Want Adventure! It's an organisation all about empowering and connecting a community of women who love to get active in the outdoors. I think a lot of women love to have fun this way, but many of us feel there are barriers in the way of their ambitions to get outside for a hike, a kayak, or any kind of adventure. Sometimes, we feel it's hard to find other women eager to do these things with us, or we feel guilty about neglecting our weekend "life admin", or it's as simple as not having the resources to adventure safely. Women Want Adventure brings us all together, so we can have fun and try something new in a safe environment, whilst making great friends, and finding purpose outside of our comfort zones.

Question: What inspired your passion for television?

Nicole Rowles: My first ever career aspiration was to be a psychologist. I liked the idea of listening to people's stories. Over time I realised I also loved telling remarkable stories, as well. The weather can be an epic saga – it's fascinating, and daily, it shapes the way we live. Television is such a great way to communicate that, through sight and sound. Also, being on camera establishes a strong connection with the community, and that's important.

Question: What would surprise us about your role as a weather presenter?

Nicole Rowles: The one question I get asked more than any other is if I write my own weather scripts. The answer is, yes! I consult the Bureau of Meteorology's forecasters and study their data, as well as speaking with our reporters on the ground to compile daily forecasts for eight regions across Queensland and the Northern Territory. I even make the graphics that you see on the news every night, which is a great source of pride for me, as my technical skills leave much to be desired – it's taken a lot of hard work.

Question: Do you have a morning routine; can you share it with us?

Nicole Rowles: Other than checking the forecast for the day, no; my mornings are always different! Sometimes I'll get up early and go for a rock climb or a surf before focusing on work. But on other days I take it slowly, catching up on sleep, or just enjoying the beach before heading into the office. Recently I've been trying hard to strike a balance between having a fun and active lifestyle and taking care of myself so that I don't get run down.

Question: Where would we find you, on a Sunday?

Nicole Rowles: Outside if the weather's good! Maybe on a climbing trip or at the beach with friends. It's important to me to have something exciting to look forward to every weekend, but recently I've been trying not to over-commit. I find it hard to say no when there are so many exciting things to do! Now, I'm trying to balance self-care with adventure. It's not easy, but it's important!

Question: What's a typical mid-week day like, for you?

Nicole Rowles: While I don't have a set morning routine, there's one thing I do every day, first thing - I'll check all the forecast details from the Bureau of Meteorology website. After that, usually I'll try and get outside, climbing, surfing, or just spending some time at the beach. Then, it's off to work, preparing weather forecasts for eight regions across Queensland and the Northern Territory, crossing live to Nine Local News at six o'clock. On my way home, usually I'll have a chat on the phone with a family member or friend. I have a long drive home, but it's me-time, the opportunity to recalibrate for the next day. Then, I do it all again!

Interview by Brooke Hunter