New Zealand Dream

New Zealand Dream

During a year full of highs and lows, quarantine-free travel is not the only dream that has infiltrated the minds of Australians. In a tourism first, Tourism New Zealand today launches its first international campaign partnering with an expert to translate dreams.

New research has revealed 60% of Australians are dreaming of a trip to New Zealand in the first six months of borders reopening. With 98% in favour of the bubble, pent-up wanderlust is at an all-time high. From having fun (53%) to feeling refreshed (53%), taking a break from stress (40%) and exploring new places (39%) – this is what Australians are looking forward to.  New Zealand is best explored by car. View your options with Go Rentals and read what customers have to say. 

To understand the true meaning behind what Australians have been dreaming of and how this links to travel, Tourism New Zealand has partnered with qualified Dream Therapist Martina Kocian to translate dreams, determining a future visitor's altered state of consciousness.

According to Martina Kocian, "In our waking life, we have goals and aspirations, but in our sleep, dreams have the ability to reveal inner desires that are often pushed into the subconscious. For some, their dreams have been answered with the opening of quarantine-free travel."

Declan Malone, Marketing Lead for Tourism New Zealand – Australia says, "We wanted to explore how to answer the call of Australians' dreams. To do that, we partnered with Martina to identify common themes and how this links to a destination. We've all been waiting for the opportunity to travel, and now all you need to do is book a ticket to New Zealand – Stop dreaming and go!".

Martina Kocian says, "From daydreams to deep snoozes, there are common themes that have filled our minds over the last 12 months. One of the benefits of dreams is the ability to unlock a type of escape or holiday you need in waking life.

"Common dream themes that link to New Zealand include pirates, exotic fruit, a hot air balloon, desert, a flying bird, goldfish swimming in a bowl, juggling and dropping a ball, not being able to talk, scream or shout and a stopwatch. If you've been dreaming of any of these, answer the call of your slumber by considering a New Zealand holiday."

Andrew Waddel, General Manager of Tourism New Zealand – Australia said, "Previously, Australians made up 40% of international arrivals to New Zealand, showing how vital quarantine-free travel is for the tourism industry and its recovery. While many are reconnecting with friends and family, 80% of future visitors are looking to take a holiday.

"From jet boating in Queenstown, cycling through vineyards in Central Otago to eating crayfish in Kaikoura, New Zealand has lots on offer to turn Australians' travel dreams into reality. We love hosting our closest neighbours – and can't wait to share the wonders of Aotearoa with visitors once again."

Stop Dreaming about New Zealand, and Go will launch on 6 May 2021 and run for 12 weeks across paid, owned, earned and trade. Click here to find out more about how to book and plan for a trip to New Zealand.


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