Naomi Findlay InlineSOLAR Interview

Naomi Findlay InlineSOLAR Interview

Scandi Rules Inside, But Not on the Outside: Australia's Top Exterior Home Trends Revealed

InlineSOLAR is a new innovation in the solar sector offers a practical solution to the unsightly traditional bolt-on – InlineSOLAR sits flush with the roofline meaning home owners can save on their energy bills without sacrificing their street appeal.

Interview with Naomi Findlay, Monier Exterior Design Expert

Question: Can you tell us about InlineSOLAR?

Naomi Findlay: Research reveals that solar is one of the top three mandatory features that home buyers are looking for, yet one third of Aussie home owners won't install solar panels that can be seen from the street. There are great innovations coming to market from Monier that will allow home owners to benefit from solar power without sacrificing their street appeal, as a result of growing demand for Aussies wanting solar energy without the unsightly glare of bolt-on panels. InlineSOLAR solves that problem as the panels are installed flush with the roofline to be as unobtrusive and attractive as possible while still slashing off the cost of the energy bills.

Question: What interested you about this innovation?

Naomi Findlay: I love this range as they fit into the tiles of you roof and blend in perfectly, and with solar being so important to home buyers, it's great that home owners can now install a product like InlineSOLAR to increase the overall value of their home.

Question: What are some of Australia's current top exterior home trends?

Naomi Findlay: In a survey of 1000 Australian home owners, the following exterior styles were voted the most popular:

1. Australian coastal – 25%
2. Ultra-contemporary – 16%
3. Designer style – 15%
4. Traditional – 14%
5. Hamptons – 10%
6. Country – 9%
7. Urban industrial – 6%
8. Scandi style – 4.2%

Question: What will we see next for exterior home trends?

Naomi Findlay: It doesn't surprise me that the Australian Coastal style is the most popular choice when it comes to designing the exterior of our homes. This look is quite easy to achieve and the end result often leaves a space feeling fresh, calm and balanced. Blending functionality with sea-inspired design, this type of exterior is as much about creating a lifestyle as it is a style for a home.

Question: How can we achieve these styles at our own home?

Naomi Findlay: Neutral paint colours tend to work best in achieving the Australian Coastal look. Typically, plenty of white accented by complimentary colours such as sophisticated navy or a soothing green can work like magic in creating this style.

To achieve a touch of polish and an organic mood to this exterior look, blackbutt and spotted gum are great timber choices, as well as integrating natural weaves and antique bronzed metals into the design plans. A beautiful set of French doors thrown open onto a weathered front deck will also help to add a touch of seaside to the design.

Question: How does working on our home exterior increase the value of our property?

Naomi Findlay: Street appeal is one of the biggest factors that impacts on selling prices and overall impressions of the property. Even if you think you are in your forever home, you never know what amazing opportunities might present themselves to you which could see you moving from or selling your home in the future. To that end, I always advise home owners to think about how their choices will add value to their home. It's important to consider the overall streetscape and what buyers are looking for in that area to ensure you are creating a home in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood and the expectations of current and future buyers.

Question: Where do you find interior inspiration?

Naomi Findlay: I am very classic when it comes to design. If anything my style is more heavily influenced by function. I can't stand a pretty space that isn't functional. In saying that, everyone is influenced by trends to some degree as it's what's available most on the market. Overtime my style has had a boomerang affect, it would develop and get diluted then eventually instinct takes me back to where I started.

Question: What will we see gain popularity in terms of interior trends, this year?

Naomi Findlay: This winter I think velvet is here to stay, especially applied on big, comfy, non-utilitarian couches - people are starting to go back to the lounge you can fall into. I think we'll see much more curtains and layered rugs. Really gorgeous linen and flowy curtains and rugs to add layers and textures. The minimalist phase is seeing an end as people are looking for homes that can be lived in and feel -homey'.

Interview by Brooke Hunter