Nao Saturn

Nao Saturn

Nao Releases Her Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album Saturn

Two years after the incredible 'For All We Know', Nao releases her highly-anticipated, absolutely mesmerising sophomore album 'Saturn'. Listen HERE . Nao elevates into new realms of artistry in this deeply reflective, emotional project. 'Saturn' is a journey, stemming from a place of both vulnerability and immense power, adorned by masterful musicality and poetic lyricism. Nao tells stories through her music, flowing freely between genres and influences, producing a sound which is uniquely her own and completely unforgettable. 'Saturn' touches the soul and leaves no doubt that the phenomenal songstress is a true and complete artist - captivating, pioneering and absolutely unmatchable. The singles 'Another Lifetime', ' Make It Out Alive' ft. SiR, ' Curiosity' and 'If You Ever' ft. 6lack have been collecting praise from fans and critics alike, making the album one of the most eagerly-awaited releases of this year.

Nao also announced her world tour. Starting off in Japan, she will then go on to perform in North America and Europe, concluding with a show in London's Brixton Academy on March 28th.

On 'Saturn', Nao is bold and experimental, eager to push things forward and unafraid to offload ideas that have been weighing her down. "My friends kept telling me about the term 'Saturn Returns'.' says Nao . 'It's this idea that Saturn takes 29 years to orbit from when you're born and it is the planet of blessings and growth. So by the time you're around 29, between 27 and 32, something big happens in your life. It's like waking up and coming of age, like: 'I've been going through my twenties and what have I been doing in this relationship?' What have I been doing in this job?' You start to rethink everything - old stuff that your parents taught you or ideas that you believed in. It's like a complete shedding of skin and it can be painful."

There's a real sense push and pull to Saturn " it's complex and conflicted, but there's a pervading optimism that makes it timeless, just like Nao herself. "It's not just about heartbreak, it's a sense of rebirth," she says. "It's soul-searching, you know?"

Saturn Track list
1. Another Lifetime
2. Make It Out Alive (feat. SiR)
3. If You Ever
4. When Saturn Returns (Interlude)
5. Saturn (feat. Kwabs)
6. Gabriel
7. Orbit
8. Love Supreme
9. Curiosity
10. Drive and Disconnect
11. Don't Change
12. Yellow of the Sun
13. A Life Like This