Nancy Sacco Yankee Candles Interview

Nancy Sacco Yankee Candles Interview

Interview with Nancy Sacco, Brand Director for Yankee Candle

Question: Can you share with us your top tips for getting more mileage out of our favourite candles?

Nancy Sacco: Before you burn your candle, trim the wick to the length specified on the label. Burn your candle for two-four hours at a time and keep the lid on your candle when it's not in use. Retrim your wick before burning again. Keep your burning candle away from drafts.

Question: Why is it important to trim the wicks of our candles?

Nancy Sacco: Keeping wicks trimmed helps candles perform at their best. You'll get the best fragrance throw and having the correct flame height will minimise sooting.

Question: Do we need wick-scissors for candles?

Nancy Sacco: No, but we do offer wick trimmers that are especially designed to keep wicks at the right length and keep the trimmed-off wick from falling back into the candle.

Question: How can we ensure we're choosing the perfect scented candle, for our home?

Nancy Sacco: Choosing the right fragrance is all about your personal preference. As for selecting a size, the larger the space you'd like the fragrance, the larger the candle you'll want to try.

Question: What is the best way to store candles?

Nancy Sacco: They're safe to store anywhere in your home but keep them away from sources of heat and direct sunlight. We'd also recommend you keep your candle free of dust and dirt by keeping the lid on between burns.

Question: What can we do if we see soot on our candle jars?

Nancy Sacco: Use a damp, lint-free cloth to wipe away soot, making sure you don't leave any fibres behind in the jar. As a reminder from above, keeping your wicks trimmed helps minimise sooting.

Question: How can we stop candles from smoking?

Nancy Sacco: Keep them away from draft-prone areas and trim your wicks after every burn.

Question: How should we put out a candle?

Nancy Sacco: Blow them out or use a snuffer.

Question: What causes candles to flicker?

Nancy Sacco: Usually drafts, and sometimes " to get technical " variations in the capillary action in the wick as it draws up the wax.

Question: What is so special about the new Elevation Collection from Yankee?

Nancy Sacco: Lots of things! The Yankee Candle Elevation Collection with Platform Lid has clean lines, a versatile design, and is our first to feature illustrated label art. The fragrances are nuanced, complex, and exclusive to the collection. The lid fits nicely under the candle to create a platform base. And, multiple wicks offer an even burn and added ambiance.

Interview by Brooke Hunter