Naked Glow The Eye Lift.& The Lip Lift

Naked Glow The Eye Lift.& The Lip Lift

Naked Glow The Eye Lift

Eye Lift In A Jar

Get an eye lift without surgery with the latest in anti-wrinkle treatments - Naked Glow The Eye Lift., which will lift, firm, brighten and reverse the signs of ageing around the delicate eye area.

The true star of The Eye Lift is Haloxyl TM, a revolutionary new biotechnology that reduces discolouration of dark under eye circles and puffiness under the eye plus fortifies delicate skin.

In scientific studies, Haloyxl has been proven to fade dark circles by using a series of natural enzymes that break down the blood around the tender under-eye area. Haloyxl brightens and diminishes the appearance of dark circles under the eyes by preventing excessive formation of pigmented by-products of haemoglobin. Over time, Haloyxl aids in preventing blood leakage as it helps to strengthen the weakened capillaries.

In a clinical study over 56 days, volunteers applied a gel containing 2% Haloyxl to the contour of one eye and placebo to the other eye. Analysis after the test period showed a more than 60% reduction in under-eye dark circles.

Biopeptide CL in The Eye Lift encourages the production of collagen in skin. Collagen is one of the proteins found in the connective tissue of humans. In skin, it literally plumps out fine lines, thus decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. Biopeptide CL is a potent active cosmetic ingredient with stimulant, moisturising and rejuvenating effects, which enhance the brightness, vitality and general condition of the fine and delicate eye area.

Skin Fabric Silica Complex is a micronised powder derived from organic cotton fibres. The micronised cotton fibres are bonded with natural silica, resulting in a silky, smooth crème base with brilliant unique optical light scattering capabilities. Skin Fabrica Complex can provide an immediate reduction in the appearance of fine lines, by filling in the wrinkle or crease and acting as a strong light diffuser. Overall, the skin will be smoother and more youthful-looking. Its natural fibre feels like a lightweight cotton sheath, and it acts to deliver a smooth glide across the skin.

Naked Glow The Eye Lift also features hydrating, anti-ageing, antioxidants sourced from Scandinavian botanicals. Sugar Beet Extract and Black Currant contain fatty acids which are essential to normal cell structure, strengthening the skin and improving circulation. Naked Glow The Eye Lift accelerates cellular renewal and restores the youthful firmness of the skin. .

Naked Glow The Eye Lift - connecting beauty, science and nature for perfect skin today and tomorrow. For maximum results, use daily for four weeks.


Naked Glow The Lip Lift

Instant Collagen Line Filler for Lips and Face

Renew. Repair. Revive. Reinvent

The world's first hand-held line filler for lips and face is here! Naked Glow The Lip Lift fills in fine lines around the delicate mouth area as well as the face.

This multifunctional instant collagen line filler for lips and face is like having a plastic surgeon in the palm of your hand.

Hydrolyzed collagen in Lip Lift helps to diminish wrinkles in the long term whilst DermaxylTM helps smooth wrinkles, and peptides help repair damage. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres penetrate into the skin and trap water like a molecular sponge, helping spheres to swell.

This non-invasive alternative to surgery smoothes out those fine wrinkles around the mouth, providing a smooth base for lipstick and prevents feathering.

The Lip Lift can be used not only on the lips but also anywhere fine lines exist on the face. It acts as the perfect primer, filling in fine lines and providing a super smooth canvas for makeup application.

Launching with the Lip Lift are Liftsticks - sensational lip lifting in four brilliant Liftstick colours of Cabernet Red, Champagne, Merlot Mauve and Rose.

To use: Apply Lip Lift after cleansing and moisturising the face. Apply The Lift Primer to the lips, surrounding lip area and face where lines exist. Do not apply under or over the eyes. Always use The Lip Lift before you apply foundation. Follow with a coloured Liftsticks or your favourite lipstick.


Available at leading pharmacies, day spasand salons. For stockist information contact Total Beauty Network 1300 765 332