Mums' Losing Their Patience with Hay Fever

Mums' Losing Their Patience with Hay Fever

Mums' Losing Their Patience with Hay Fever

More than two thirds (70%) of Australian mums say their patience levels are right down when suffering from hay fever according to a recent survey commissioned by leading pharmacy, Amcal.

Mums made up approximately a fifth of the 1007 hay fever sufferers surveyed with a staggering 86 per cent of them claiming hay fever gets in the way of their day, leaving them feeling irritated (67%) and frustrated (55%).

With other alarming figures such as loss of concentration (55%) and feeling unsafe whilst driving the kids (23%), Amcal Pharmacy spokesperson, Andrew Robinson, says it's time to show these women how they can regain control of their lives.

'What's been blindingly evident with the result of our hay fever survey is that this group of mothers are letting their hay fever get on top of them, rather than them being on top of it. Being responsible for a family and the running of a home, and for a lot of these women full-time jobs, the symptoms of hay fever can be quite debilitating," says Andrew.
'There's no reason why hay fever should overtake these women's lives when there's expert advice available at your local Amcal pharmacy," Andrew continues.

With sufferers complaining of hay fever's impact on various daily and lifestyle activities – loss of sleep (50%), feeling unmotivated (20%), lethargic (39%) and unattractive (30%) – the right advice could go a long way in helping them not only regain control of their own lives during the spring symptoms, but regaining control in their homes, workplace and family life.
How hay fever effects a mum's day:
It affects my concentration levels: 62% of women
I get less sleep due to hay fever: 50% of women
Hay fever makes me feel depressed: 10% of women
Hay fever gets in the way of my day: 86% of women
Hay fever makes me feel drowsy: 29% of women
I'm less productive at work: 43% of women
Hay fever affects my social life: 88% of women

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