Minky Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaning Pad

Minky Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaning Pad

CleanHQ brings more cult cleaning products to Australia with Mrs Hinch's favourite Minkys and new members of the Scrub Daddy family…


Any Aussie members of the vast global #hincharmy will know that Mrs Hinch is always raving about Minkys, which she's nicknamed her 'Mink-ehs'; now finally available here. Each of the four pads and four cloths in the Minky range is crafted to be the best at a specific cleaning task.


Each pad is treated with a long-lasting, anti-bacterial protection to prevent the growth of bacteria between uses; while each cloth is made from millions of tightly woven high density microfibres - 700,000 fibres per square centimetre - seven times more than a standard microfibre cloth


Both can be used with or without cleaning chemicals due to the high-performance cleaning power of the microfibres, saving both time and money without compromising results. And all for just $9.95 each…


·       Minky Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaning Pad is dual-sided for effectively cleaning kitchen surfaces. The non-scratch zig-zags remove stubborn grease and grime and the extra-long fibres clean hard-to-reach areas, whilst retaining the smell of your favourite cleaning fragrances for longer. The ribbed microfibre backing long high-density fibres is ideal for polishing away kitchen residues – it buffs and shines stainless steel, chrome and hobs to a sparkling clean finish.


·       Minky Anti-Bacterial Pet Pad is great for cleaning up after mucky pets, such as wiping down marks on doors, skirting boards and using the microfibre side for smears on glass – safe for pets with no need for chemicals! The scrubbing side is ideal for removing stubborn marks such as mud, slobber and dried-up food on pet bowls.


·       Minky M Cloth Bathroom is specially constructed for tackling your biggest bathroom challenges - one side removes limescale while the other simply wipes it away, then shines your tapware. Soft yet strong and performs brilliantly well with anti-bacterial cleaning power, staying fresher for longer – simply wash and re-use.


·       Minky M Cloth Glass & Window quickly remove dirt and grease from windows, mirrors, mobile phones, laptop screens and other glass surfaces. It's generous size makes light work of large surface areas, leaving a crystal clear finish every time. Ideal for smear and lint free cleaning for a crystal-clear finish, even without window spray, although that can be added for extra sparkle. Mrs. Hinch loves hers so much she calls it 'Kermit'.


·       The full Minky range also includes Minky Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad, Minky Anti-Bacterial Bathroom Cleaning Pad, Minky M Cloth General Purpose and Minky M Cloth Hi-Tech Duster.


Scrub Daddy's family here is growing with new members designed to work alongside the original Scrub Daddy sponge, who has gone gangbusters in Australia from day one alongside Scrub Mommy, both now firm favourites at Coles. RRP $5.95.


·       Damp Duster, available in signature, bright, smiley yellow or Mrs. Hinch-certified grey (like Scrub Daddys), is the biggest innovation in dusting since the vacuum cleaner. He collects and traps dust in one quick wipe, then rinses clean under a tap to use time and again. His ridged design is perfect for blinds, vents, skirting boards, railings, mirrors - anywhere hard-to-reach that collects dust. The dampened ridges hold onto dust and debris when you wipe, rather than simply moving it around your home like most dusters. RRP $3.95.


·       Daddy Caddy stylishly stores your Scrub Daddy or Mommy within arm's reach. A sleek profile allows a snug fit inside your sink, where dual suction cups keep him securely stationed, allowing your scrubbers to drip dry. RRP $5.95.


·       Soap Daddy's dual action reduces time spent at your sink fiddling around with detergent bottles. Fill him with your favourite liquid, press his top to apply soap directly onto your sponge or hands – pick him up and squeeze him to squirt more from the bottom - perfect for pots, pans and extra dirty hands. RRP $14.95.


The full Minky range and Scrub Daddy family are available at www.cleanhq.com.au and selected retailers. Follow us on Facebook @cleanhqau or Instagram @cleanhqau.



Hinch-army approved hacks for Mrs. Hinch's beloved Minky (her 'Mink-eh'):

  1. While the Minky M Cloth Bathroom has a rough side to remove limescale, and a smoother side to polish tapware; to really make stainless steel fixtures shine, Sophie Hinchcliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, uses her fondly named 'Kermit' cloth – a green Minky M Cloth Glass & Window
  2. Her 'Kermit' also keeps her TV clean without risking any liquids near her electrics – same for laptops and even mobile phones
  3. While Minkys can often clean without any extra chemicals, they also work beautifully with a good cleaning product – here's some Hinch-suggested combos, using another of her favourite brands, The Pink Stuff, also available at CleanHQ…
    • Minky Bathroom Cloth or Pad & The Pink Stuff Bathroom
    • Minky Kitchen Pad & The Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Cream Cleaner
    • Minky Glass & Window Cloth & The Pink Stuff Window Cleaner
  4. While Minky is Sophie's go-to sponge for most cleaning, she says their easy-to-grip shape is especially handy for getting right into the corners and crevices of hard-to-reach areas like fridges and washing machines
  5. Hinchers say Minkys are brilliant for cleaning stainless kitchen sinks without scratching, since they're a less abrasive than traditional yellow and green scrubbing sponges but still give a really thorough clean
  6. Minkys are totally re-useable – wash with your laundry or in your dishwasher – Hinch army fans find one Minky often lasts three months
  7. Hinchers love how Minkys retain the smell of their favourite cleaner – Mrs Hinch soaks hers overnight in a scented anti-bacterial disinfectant cleaner like Fabulosa, another staple from 'Narnia' – the wardrobe in her garage housing a seemingly endless treasure trove of cleaning goodness
  8. One member of the fan-powered Facebook group 'Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It' uses a Minky cloth as her secret beauty weapon, saying "Does anyone else keep a Minky in the shower to use as an exfoliating pad or is it just me?" – there's even a rumour Mrs. Hinch uses one to even out her famous spray tan…
  9. Asides from using a 'Mink-eh' in just about every cleaning Insta Story, Her Royal Hinchness even fashioned one into the ultimate Halloween costume – 'Mrs Hinch-eh' – see here!
  10. And last but not least, Mrs. Hinch suggests always cleaning with tunes you love – here's her official Spotify Hinch List of songs to clean to – happy Hinching!