Mineral Cosmetics - Ultimate Face Mask

Mineral Cosmetics - Ultimate Face Mask
The Ultimate Face Mask, by Mineral Cosmetics contains the highest quality ingredients to ensure delivery and absorption of absolute goodness to your skin. Keeping your skin healthy, nourised and protected.

Anti-Oxidant Exfoliator

An advanced face treatment developed as a result of an extensive research with a'No rinse Exfoliant'. A two in one concept: Advanced Exfoliation with essential vitamins and nutrients.

The ultimate treatment ensures:
  • Gentle removal of damaged skin cells
  • Replenishment of nutrients
  • Delivery of skin repair vitamins and delivery of Anti-Oxidants, ensuring skin protection
  • No rinse required

    The product contains gentle mechanical exfoliant within lubricants & protective agents.Once applied to the skin, the exfoliation process is done by gentlely rubbing the product onto the skin.Once completed, the exfoliant agent is removed easily, leaving nutrients behind. There is no need to rinse your face.

    Products are 100% Australian, designed and manufactured in Sydney.

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