MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula Review

MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula Review

The Battle of the Blackheads is Over!

If you've ever suffered from blackheads and clogged pores, you know how horrible it can be to try and remove them but now help is at hand thanks to the launch of a new beauty device that painlessly (yes, painlessly) removes blackheads using just water! It may sound too good to be true, but it isn't.

The MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula works by using super high frequency sonic technology to create positive ions that literally draw out the impurities from your skin in just a few minutes. No need for harsh scrubs or expensive masks, all you need is water. Amazing!

This clever little device offers four fast and effective beauty treatments in one. You can cleanse, removing all make-up residual for a great, smooth exfoliation; as well as nourish which uses negative ions to pump moisture into your skin (if that's what it needs) and then switch to "lift" mode which massages and firms skin.

The range is brand new on the Australian market and was developed by a group of women at a leading global technology business that figured out how to use the technologies to make beauty products better and more affordable. The quality of the MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula is tops and it will last for years, giving you cleaner, clearer, smoother and more radiant skin with no ongoing outlay for exfoliating scrubs and masks.

Review: I really don't know how exactly but I can truly say the MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula works to remove blackheads and exfoliate the skin with only water and all painlessly!

In the past I've visited beauticians to have painful extractions but after only two weeks of using the MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula I've already seen amazing results. Often in-salon extractions left my skin red and iterated, for days, but this tool gently removed the congestion without any irritation, at all, in fact it was nourishing.

I found the most success in removing my blackheads when using the peel mode, especially when I really covered my face in water. The Skin Spatula worked best when my skin was very wet and I held the tool on the correct angle; I found a 45-degree angle, on the peel mode, delivered the best results.

MiLuxy explains that "the positively charged ions draw out the impurities with no need for rough exfoliation or abrasive products" – honestly, that's not exactly how I've been describing it, I went for "it's a miracle device".

I've mostly used the peel setting as my major skin concern is blackheads on my t-zone however I've also enjoyed using the calming pat mode as it feels like a gentle massage and left my skin feeling very refreshed after using the peel mode. Using the MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula is as relaxing as a facial... in a lot less time!

I've added the MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula to my skin routine, twice-weekly, and I've stopped using the expensive exfoliating products.
- Brooke Hunter

MiLuxy Sonic Skin Spatula
RRP $189