Matt Iseman Clean House Interview

Matt Iseman Clean House Interview

Clean House helps families by giving them professional help to overcome clutter and the mess that goes with it. In each episode, hosted by comedian and mother Niecy Nash, Clean House brings its team of experts, removes the offending clutter, sells it at a yard sale, and uses the profits with the first thousand matched by the show's producers, to redo the overwhelmed space.

Clean House
Fridays at 8:30pm on The Style Network

Matt Iseman Live From the USA
In his first stand-up tour of Australia:Melbourne: 20th and 27th of March: The Comic's Garage
Sydney: 24th - 26th of March: The Laugh Lounge
Brisbane: 31st of March - 2nd of April: The Albion

Interview with Matt Iseman

Matt Iseman, one of the long-standing stars of The Style Network's Clean House who is the shows jack of all trades as well as being a stand-up comedian, will be performing in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from the 24th of March, 2011.

Question: In regards to cleaning do you think there are two types of problems: the over cleaner the under cleaner?

Matt Iseman: Well, on our show, we don't run into too many over cleaners. But, maybe we should do that... scour America for people with OCD and then send them to live with our cluttered families. It'd be the proverbial irresistible force and the immovable object battling it out. And it would save me a lot of work.

Question: Not everyone is perfectly clean, when and where are you messiest?

Matt Iseman: In America, the 5th Amendment allows us to remain silent rather than incriminate oneself so... alright. I will say I am messiest in the kitchen. I usually cook when I am hungry enough to eat a buffalo, so the cleaning can fall by the wayside. Once a month, I just hose it all down... problem solved.

Question: You are described as a 'jack of all trades' on Clean House - what is your favourite part of filming Clean House?

Matt Iseman: My favourite part of Clean House is the yard sale. It's a blast interacting with the incredibly odd people who frequent yard sales... to me, the day is one big game and, at the end, we check the score and see how we did. Sometimes, the freaks win.

Question: Are you often disgusted by what you see in people's homes, during filming?

Matt Iseman: Every time, but I've learned to suppress that reaction like a homicide detective seeing a crime scene... an apt description considering we both deal with flies and bad smells. It's amazing how people living in the filth can no longer smell it... it's like the stinky kid in elementary school... he never knows it's him until it's too late.

Question: Do you have a favourite Clean House make-over?

Matt Iseman: They've all had their special moments, but the Benedicts in New Jersey were pretty awesome. The clutter took over as Christine had been on death's door for a couple of years while beating cancer and her husband focused on taking care of her and their 8yr old daughter. Giving them a fresh start felt pretty good and a nice way to give the middle finger to cancer. And yes, I did tear up during that episode.

Question: Why do you believe it is important to have comic relief in the show, Clean House?

Matt Iseman: Well, I don't think battling clutter is a deadly serious issue, but I've always felt humor is a much better way to handle stress than crying or alcohol or punching Goto Guys in the face. When I was a doctor, I encouraged my patients to laugh as much as possible. That's why I gave them nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Question: Why do people have clutter-filled homes?

Matt Iseman: Many different reasons, but the big one is that people often confuse an attachment to a person with an attachment to a material object. They hold on to their clutter to preserve memories of loved ones lost or because it was a gift from someone special... regardless, a message we often send is that letting go of an item doesn't mean letting go of the memories. Or they're just lazy. Those people annoy me.

Question: What tips do you have for those who find they are surrounded by clutter, in their own home?

Matt Iseman: Move. But if you can't, my advice is to call a charity and schedule a pick up for a week away, then have a friend come over and help you sort through your stuff. It makes it harder to hold on to ridiculous things when you have to justify to someone.

Question: Can you talk a little bit about what audiences should expect from your Down Under stand-up comedian shows in Australia?

Matt Iseman: Picture the most fun you've ever had... it will be just like that only better. Pure mayhem and foolishness on stage. I always have fun on stage and try to bring the crowd along for the ride.

Question: How would you describe yourself?

Matt Iseman: An enthusiastic guy who chooses not to grow up.

Interview by Brooke Hunter