Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care Range

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care Range

Mary Kay® Botanical Effects® Skin Care
The goodness of botanicals. It's what your skin craves

Global beauty brand Mary Kay® proudly announces the launch of their popular Botanical Effects® Skin Care range. Available from February 2020, Botanical Effects® is a simple regime infused with the goodness of botanicals to bring out your skin's healthy radiance.

The four-step system offers a refreshingly simple regime for any lifestyle. Healthy looking skin is made possible through an innovative approach that harnesses natural antioxidants through a powerful botanical complex made up of Milk Thistle extract, Luo Han Guo extract, Frangipani Flower and Water Lily.

While suitable for all skin types, the Mary Kay® Botanical Effects® Skin Care range has been specifcally designed with young women in mind. The regime is the perfect skin care solution for those not yet concerned with signs of ageing and is a no-fuss, affordable option that delivers freshness and nourishment in spades.

Botanical Effects® Cleanse
RRP: $25 AUD $28 NZ
Foaming cleanser
• Gently removes makeup and impurities.
• Non-drying formula that leaves skin clean, healthy-looking, and feeling soft.

Botanical Effects® Mask
RRP: $30 AUD $33 NZ
Cream mask
• Deep-cleans skin as it gently exfoliates.
• Restores radiance and reveals nourished, healthy looking skin.

Botanical Effects® Hydrate
RRP: $35 AUD $38 NZ
Lightweight moisturiser
• Non-greasy formula leaves skin feeling hydrated and balanced.
• Skin looks and feels nourished and refreshed