Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Range Review

Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Range Review


A 10-second lifestyle change that your skin will thank you for



Topical skincare has not caught up with ingestible technologies that work to directly address the lack of collagen in our bodies, causing us to age. 70% of our skin is made up of this naturally occurring, most abundant protein[i] but once we hit 25, research proves we lose 1.5% year on year. By the time we reach 60, we have half as much collagen as we did at the age of 21 and our collagen synthesis rates – our body's ability to generate new collagen – drops by a staggering 75%.[ii]


But there is a way to replenish it. A 10-second lifestyle hack that works from within to increase collagen production, taking Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Tablets are an easy way to implement this anti-ageing ingredient into a busy, daily routine.


Given that collagen is the 'glue' that holds our bodies together and is the main component of the dermis: the skin layer that gives our skin elasticity and flexibility, collagen depletion unavoidably leads to wrinkles, dryness and sagging skin.  The only way to increase collagen production is by taking it internally as a supplement.  Applied topically, collagen has limited effect.


Collagen beauty boosting supplements are shown to directly address collagen depletion and with more than 8.3 million Australians already using some type of beauty or wellness supplement[iii], the skincare cosmetic world is being disrupted in a big way.


With collagen tablets heading towards becoming a beauty staple rather than a trend, Nature's Way has created its Beauty Collagen range of scientifically proven products, containing VERISOL®, a hydrolysed collagen which has been extensively studied for its benefits. Unlike a number of skincare products which only include collagen boosting ingredients, studies have found that through continued consumption of VERISOL®, a form of hydrolysed collagen, eye wrinkles can decrease by 7.2% in four weeks; and a staggering 20.1% in eight weeks, and more than double your overall collagen levels.[iv]


Naturopath, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert, Carmen Lizoarin, expands on this research, "traditionally, fine lines and wrinkles are treated with topical skincare but results are limited as these products contain full-length protein molecules, which can only reach so deep into the layers of the skin," she says. "Oral collagen peptides on the other hand, are shorter-chain protein segments that are more readily absorbed into the blood stream and utilised by the skin, giving you a glow from within."


"Adding beauty boosting supplements into our diets is a great way to care for the skin without beauty products," says Carmen. "Ingestible collagen has become the holistic beauty essential of the decade, with recent studies finding that taking 2.5-5 grams[v] of hydrolysed collagen can help skin retain its elasticity and look fuller for longer[vi]," she adds. "It's important to know what type of collagen you are taking, as hydrolysed collagen has been broken down into more easily dissolved amino acids that have been clinically proven to be more readily absorbed by the body."


Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Tablets are Australia's highest selling collagen tablet and work by nourishing from the inside out, supporting skin health. Although daily skincare products may increase skin generation and smoothness, these are only temporary changes to the skin's condition[vii]. Unless you replace the collagen lost with taking collagen internally as a supplement, you won't target the source of the skin ageing problem or reap profound skincare benefits for the long term.



In addition to Beauty Collagen Tablets, Nature's Way Beauty Collagen range also comes in powder, shot, gummies or liquid form.


Quantity: 60

Tablets per dose: 3

Collagen per dose: 2.5g

RRP: $29.99 AUD


Nature's Way Beauty Collagen is available in all leading and independent pharmacies and supermarkets Australia wide.  For further information, pricing, and stockist information please visit:


Review: With so many suppliments, face masks in the market, it's hard for us shoppers to cut through all the labels.  We tried Nature's way Beauty Collagen Tablets, Boosting Face Mask and Collagen Powder together and noticed improvement in skin elastisty and texture with a more radiant glow.






About Nature's Way Beauty Collagen:

Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Tablets with VERISOL® bioactive collagen peptides help support the internal structure of your skin which enhance collagen formation and improve skin elasticity. Acting as an easy and convenient way to get your burst of collagen goodness, the Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Tablets help nourish and assist the appearance of skin for wellbeing and vitality.



2019 Beauty Heaven's Best in Beauty Awards

Best Natural Health Product – Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Tablets

Best Ingestible Beauty Product – Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Gummies

Product of the Year Awards 2020

Best New Ingestible Beauty Product – Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Shots


Dosage Information:

- Adults: 3 tablets daily or as advised by your healthcare professional.

- Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

- Store below 25C.

- Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin

intake is inadequate.











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Hexsel D, Zague V, Schunck M, Siega C, Camozzato FO, Oesser S. Oral supplementation with specific bioactive collagen peptides improves nail growth and reduces symptoms of brittle nails. J Cosmet Dermatol.   2017;00:1–7. 

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