Marvellous Map

Marvellous Map

Marvellous Map

Looking for a present with a difference?  Are they a Dismal Dingle, or maybe more of a Wanko or Cockatara at the best of times, this present will keep them entertained. Introducing the Marvellous Map of Actual Australian Place Names, created by Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick.

That's right – this year you don't have to go Broke, and you definitely won't be going to Mount Disappointment and back for not finding the perfect gift idea. How Awesome Wells is that? A slightly cheeky and mildly educational tour of Australia, thanks to the Marvellous Map of Actual Australian Place Names – the newest must-have for people with a wicked sense of humour, or those who always end up in Bum Bum Creek thanks to their upfront yet slightly insulting comments.

This Marvellous Map features and celebrates 1,000 of Australia's funniest, rudest and quirkiest – yet real – place names. Even Darling Bore would agree that there's no better present!

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just any old map! Classy from afar and an absolute crack-up on the up-close, this vintage-style wall
map is the perfect addition to the office wall, inspiration for the work shed, talking point for the entertainer's kitchen or even framed for
the bedroom – with caution!

From insults and pick-up lines to extremely Aussie slang, here are the Top 10 Place Names guaranteed to send Dad up Chuckle
Lovely Bottom (TAS)
Titwobble Lane (VIC)
Ram Well (WA)
Peculiar Knob (SA)
Pisspot Creek (TAS)
Gropers Gully (VIC)
Big Knob Waterhole (NT)
Son Of A Bitch Spur (VIC)
The Boobs (NSW)
Mount Meharry (WA)

Makers of the Marvellous Map, Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick (ST&G), have already mapped the funny, rude and quirky place names of Great Britain and the USA. They are proud to launch possibly their best map yet: Australia has some truly world-class place names. The new Marvellous Map of Actual Australian Place Names is available now for an RRP of $49.95 at