Lush Bath Ballistic

Lush Bath Ballistic

Lush Bath Ballistic

Mo Constantine, one of the Lush Co-Founders and still a main product inventor, first created the original bath ballistic over 20 years ago for her children she wanted something to put in the bath to successfully send them off to sleep! Still a Lush best seller - with A-list fans including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen and Sarah Jessica Parker - each one is formulated with the finest ingredients and essential oils to cleanse both the mind and body. Simply drop into a ready run, warm bath and watch as it fizzes around the tub with abandonment, emitting its goodness into the water.

Today, this concept has been reinvented. Together with her youngest son Jack, they have created a new version that combines two of Lush's greatest innovations the bubble bar and the bath ballistic. Layering these two materials together enables totally different effects to happen in the water at once; the top layer of ballistic mixed with shavings of bubble bar languorously froths around the tub, leaving behind a trail of skin softening foam and bubbles. You then get to the inner ballistic layer that starts to frantically fizz around, shooting different colours into the froth and spinning around like an indoor firework!

The visual effect is simply stunning and makes for a mesmerising bath time experience the only thing is you won't want to get in and disturb all the pretty patterns!

Mrs Whippy ($5.95) a hug in a tub, drop this ballistic in the water and sink into a frothy whirlpool of strawberry scented, softening foam. Slowing fizzing around the tub, the external layer leaves behind a trail of white foam, while the inner layer delivers a shot of pink - both of which mingle together for a delicious, strawberry ice-cream effect. Just don't be tempted to stick a flake in it! Vegan.

Dragon's Egg ($5.95) ... pop one of these mythical beauties into the tub and marvel as it swirls around and around leaving a trail of firey orange foam in its wake. Grapefruit, jasmine and lemon oil scent the bath, to uplift and refresh a tired mind while popping candy provides the snap and crackle! This is the only one with three layers; the bubble bar shavings are in the outer layer, the ballistic mix explodes from the middle layer and then there's a small centre of pure golden lustre. This swirls amongst all the orange to leave a delicate shimmer to the skin. Vegan.

Twilight ($5.95) ... Immerse yourself into a nice warm bath and drop in this soothing, meditative lavender and ovaltine bath ballistic. Become entranced as it serenely fizzes around you, enveloping you in a relaxing cloud of fragrance. Starting off a beautiful, hazy pink colour the slow fizzing ballistic froths around to imitate the setting sun, leaving skin softening bubbles looking a little like clouds. The ballistic then gets down to its inner layer, fizzing frantically round the tub and injecting trails of blue with the pinkness, turning the water the deep indigo of a twilight sky. And for those with vampire obsessions, this will help you sleep soundly at night! Vegan.

Fizzbanger ($5.95) ... Whizz! Pop! Fizz! Bang! Throw one of these candy apple and cinnamon scented Fizzbangers into your bath and oooh and ahhh as yellow and blue frothy trails swirl around and around, dart one way and then the other, all twirling together to form green streaks across the water. Catch these dream-like formations if you can, they're like a Catherine wheel in your tub with popping candy providing extra fizz, pop and crackle! Cinnamon leaf and petitgrain oil can also help to warm the circulation, relieve tired muscles and soothe the mind. It's like Bonfire night has been brought to your bathroom! Vegan.

These new bath ballistics are available in all Lush shops and on-line. For shop details and mail order, please call 1300 587 428 or order on-line at