Longest Legs in the World

Longest Legs in the World

Longest Legs in the World

Caroline Arthur, a 39-year-old Australian woman is set to challenge the current Guinness World Record Holder for having the -Longest Legs in the World.' The current record holder is Svetlana Pankratova from Russia whose legs measure 51.9 inches.


The Current and Former USA 'Longest Legs" title holders Chase Kennedy and Holly Burt have legs that measure 62-64% of their entire bodies, however, the two are much taller than Caroline. Caroline's legs measure an extraordinary 51.6 inches, or approximately 70% of her entire body.


While not setting out to be the Guinness Book of Records Holder it was actually one of her girlfriends, who after seeing an article about the battle of two girls from the USA having a 'leg war", who went on to post a comment on the social media platform '….Caz you've got them on toast ….".and then proceeded to challenge them to a 'leg off!"  This was noticed by USA radio journalist, Michael Thomas, 12 months later who reached out to Caroline.


Since then, and virtually overnight, Caroline has become a media sensation, accumulating more than 200,000 YouTube hits within 48 hours, appeared on Channel 7's Sunrise and New Zealand radio. Even the New York Post has written about her.


'It has just utterly amazed me that my legs, which I have lived with my whole life, have made such a huge impact with so many people. It is crazy!" said Caroline.


Caroline was born and raised in the country town of Eildon in Victoria, where she lived prior to starting a modelling career at the age of 15. It was here early in her modelling career that she was told that she was -too tall' for Australian standard clothing sizes and this limited her opportunities to promotional type modelling, such as the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, to name a few (where she had the opportunity to meet the late great Beatle, George Harrison).


Caroline began walking on catwalks in 1998, where she showcased for Saba at the -Fashion Aid' Aids Charity Gala. The following year she got engaged to the love of her life, and married him at the turn of the millennium in 2000.


Her long legs may be a blessing when reaching up to the top shelf of a supermarket aisle, but they also come with drawbacks says Caroline.


'I have to have my pants specially made from the tall lady shop, as standard pants only come in a regular 32 inches long."


Now a resident at Berwick in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs, Caroline has been married for 17 years, with two children, after putting her modelling career on hold to raise a family. She currently works as a clinician at a Melbourne Laser Clinic after going back to study beauty and dermal therapy.