Live Comedy Shows Interview Lauren Bonner

Live Comedy Shows Interview Lauren Bonner

More Talent is proud to present, the first ever comedy club shows to be livestreamed on Twitch.

Over three stellar shows which started on July 27, an array of some of the most talented comedians are taking part which will include Nat's What I Reckon with his ever-growing online audience of over 1.8 million; comedian, YouTuber and actor Neel Kolhatkar bringing his irony and impressions that his 74 million YouTube viewers find so entertaining; Jordan Raskopoulos, the co-creator and frontwoman of internet famous comedy-rock legends The Axis Of Awesome who have hundreds of millions online fans worldwide; word-geek, ex-corporate lawyer and sell-out stand-up comedian Alice Fraser; Gen Fricker, one of the nations brightest comedic stars, heard nationally for five years as the host of triple j's Lunch show and who is her own sardonic, unique and unapologetically weird brand; award-winning, internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian Tahir who has taken part in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, is a Logie winning actor and known for his hugely popular live performances; Tommy Dean, a standout winner with theatre audiences who has also featured on Spicks and Specks, Good News Week, Stand Up Australia, Rove Live, Joker Power, Sunrise, The Today Show and more.

"I feel like a very lucky duck to be able to perform again. Come give me a rev up on Twitch. See ya there, champions." Said, Nat's What I Reckon.

More Talent and Twitch have teamed up with Century Venues present this unique pathway for comedy which will be delivering global exposure to comedians in front of live online audiences providing laugh-out-loud stand-up comedy shows, able to be watched from the comfort of home. The shows were set to take place with a live, in-theatre audience at The Factory Theatre – home of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

This ground-breaking digital live event, which will stream on Twitch on August 10, is free for comedy fans online and will have 100% of live event ticket sales donated to local charities. The online audience will be able to comment and even heckle in real time in this first-time event, with the show only available to be watched in real-time from this link, as it will not be accessible afterwards.

Interview with Lauren Bonner

Question: How are you holding up during Covid-19?

Lauren Bonner: I'm fine, but then sometimes less fine, but then in the end I'm fine again. You know how it is, it's about finding a balance between boredom and crushing anxiety. What's really been helping me is walking around the park listening to the same episode of Oprah's podcast on repeat. I believe it is a healthy coping mechanism.

Question: How has Covid-19 affected your work as a comedian?

Lauren Bonner: It's really changed everything. The whole world of live performance has changed and for live comedy, the best environment happens to be a small, windowless room with as many people as you can fit crammed in. It's also important that those people are happy and relaxed. Now everyone is far apart and stressed, which makes live stand up a bit trickier. What has been great has been other things popping up like live streamed shows, or other screen opportunities for comics that probably wouldn't have existed without Covid, so there are some positive aspects. I'm also on Centrelink now which is fun!

Question: What can you tell us about the live stream on Twitch?

Lauren Bonner: I used to think Twitch was just a place for my boyfriend to do his little video games, but it turns out that I, girlfriend, can be there too! The show will be performed live on stage to a teeny tiny audience and then streamed live on Twitch so anyone can watch from the comfort of their own home.

Question: What's the theme of your show?

Lauren Bonner: It's a line-up show, so that means there will be a bunch of different comedians doing shorter sets. It's a good format to watch from home, because if you think some of the acts are unfunny garbage then you can just go make a cup of tea and come back to the screen when I'm on (not garbage, very good, very beautiful and fun to watch).

Question: How does it feel to perform in front of a camera compared to a live audience?

Lauren Bonner: It does feel very different because cameras don't laugh at your jokes. Luckily though the camera loves me.

Question: How many people can watch the show?

Lauren Bonner: Literally everyone in the world could watch the show and I think they might.

Question: Where can we access the live show?

Lauren Bonner: All the show information can be found at

These streamed comedy gala shows will not be captured to watch later – don't miss out on being part of this ground-breaking live and digital event at 8:30pm on Monday 10 August. Sign up for a free Twitch account to join the chat!

Question: What's a typical day like?

Lauren Bonner: I sleep until I wake up, and then I sit up in bed and drink a whole French press of coffee. I then go about my day fairly agitated from the caffeine and lack of food until finally having some crumpets in the afternoon. Then I go to the park and think about writing maybe. I head home and look at my emails. I open a blank document to write but look at the time it's 5pm that's close of business. Then I sit up in bed and work on a horribly ugly crochet cardigan I'm making and rewatch the episode of Greys Anatomy where Derek dies just so I can feel something.

Question: What's next for you?

Lauren Bonner: I'm open to anything. What have you got in mind?

Question: Can you share your socials?

Lauren Bonner: I would love to. Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter @laurenybonner for updates on touring, writing, and whatever other silly little things I'm doing

Interview by Gwen van Montfort