Ling Ang's Souvenirs of Sleep

Ling Ang's Souvenirs of Sleep

Filmmaker, artist and philanthropist, Ling Ang, has opened their first exhibition at brand new multidisciplinary hub for creation, exhibition and research: Le Space, in Collingwood. Ang, an award winning documentary filmmaker, has stepped out from behind the lens and refocused their keen eye for set design and storytelling to create Souvenirs of Sleep a new installation that delves deep into the subconscious mind.

Ang has always been fascinated with the interwoven relationship between the conscious world, and their ever poignant subconscious. A year ago, Ang began vividly recalling their dreams, eventually leading them to start recording each unconscious thought and exploration. Until then, Ang had used film to document and explore their thoughts, an inutile medium when attempting to record and explore one's dreams throughout the night. Ang was forced to substitute the familiarity of the camera for the 'notes' app on their iPhone, scribing every thought, vision and daze as they slept.

Within a transformed studio at Le Space, Ang has recreated a childlike bedroom, mimicking the ribbed blue carpet of their school classroom and the plush velvet Louis XVI replica furniture of their childhood home. Much like the walls of Australian children, Ang has decorated the walls of this room with their dreams – in this case, vivid transcriptions of their subconscious. This was particularly powerful for Ang, who grew up without the freedom to express their artistic side, where the walls were kept bare and free of thier thoughts and dreams.

Throughout this process, Ang has transformed the way they dream, slowly building a bridge between their conscious and subconscious minds. Ang hopes that by sharing their thoughts and reflections, observers might become part of what she calls multi-conscious dream space, where their subconscious experiences become intertwined in those of onlookers.

Ling Ang's Souvenirs of Sleep is available for viewings by appointment at Le Space until November 24.
Where: Le Space – 1 Mater Street Collingwood 3066
When: November 07 – November 24
Price: Free – by appointment.
Tickets: Contact Le Space at