Lapurete with Okuru

Lapurete with Okuru

Lapurete with Okuru

lapureté with Okuru™ is the world's first range of anti-wrinkle products containing the clinically proven, natural Botox® alternative, Okuru. The groundbreaking Australian range of 100% naturally derived anti-ageing products is taking the next exciting step on its journey with a brand new look and will be available for retail in Terry White, Chemmart, Pharmore, Nova, Pulse from 2011.

Since its launch a year ago, lapureté has only been available through beauty salons and skincare professionals, but has been steadily building a very loyal fan base of customers who prefer to use natural products for anti-aging benefits and not invasive cosmeceuticals like Botox®.

Okuru™: Nature's Botox Alternative
Okuru™, is a plant native to a remote part of Western Africa, where locals have been using it for centuries for its high nutritional food value and skin benefits. These locals were known throughout the world to have flawless skin but noone knew why.

A few years ago, French scientists decided to research the reasons for the flawless skin of the people - studying nutrition, genes, lifestyle and other factors - and made a breakthrough discovery: They found that seeds of the Okuru plant contain a combination of peptides that minimise expression lines in a similar way to Botox®, but are all natural and can be applied topically without the need for invasive injections.

Naturally Derived, Clinically Proven
The lapureté ethos is that you don't need to put harmful chemicals onto or into your skin when you can get the same anti-ageing benefits with amazing natural ingredients.

Taking the "precautionary principle" approach to its formulations, anything that might possibly have even the tiniest element of harmful properties or that could cause irritation to the skin simply doesn't go in.

Peter Vranes, founder of lapureté said: "As a chemical engineer I have seen a lot of scary things in my time in terms of what goes into skincare products that really shouldn't be used on the skin. We simply set out to formulate a great skincare range that had all the benefits of a scientific formulation, but completely natural and with no nasties. It took us a while to perfect the formula without using synthetic fragrances - some of the worst culprits for allergic skin reactions - but the wait has been worth it!"

While some people may think that naturally derived products might not be as effective as "scientific, synthetic formulations", a team headed up by Professor Barrie Finnin, head of Formulations Science at Monash University recently studied this 'miracle plant'. Their independent, scientific clinical trials showed that the appearance of wrinkles reduced by 39.8% after 3 weeks

lapureté Targets All Signs of Ageing
The lapureté range consists of four key products that can be used individually, or for best results, together in a simple three-step system:
Mild Creme Facial Cleanser with Okuru and Passionflower;
Triple Effects Eye Crème with Okuru and a powerful combination of peptides from Sweet Pea, Soy and Rice Bran and Yeast proteins;
Protective Day Crème with UVA Defense, with Okuru and the groundbreaking Thermus Thermophilus - a super-antioxidant that protects against the damage caused by UVA radiation; OR
Resurrection Night Crème with Okuru and extract from the Resurrection Plant drenches the skin with intense moisturisation to combat the harsh ageing effects of dry skin.

Mild Creme Facial Cleanser, RRP $39.90; Triple Effects Eye Crème RRP $69.90; Protective Day Crème with UVA Defense RRP $59.90 and Resurrection Night Crème RRP $59.90.

The products are packed with clinically proven, natural, active ingredients that specifically target each of the following signs of ageing:
Expression lines (crow's feet, frown lines, etc.)
Sagging skin
Age spots
Dry skin
Eye bags
Dark circles
Enlarged pores
UVA damage - the most harmful of the UV rays in terms of ageing.

lapureté now also uses the latest in airless packaging to make sure that the actives are not compromised by contact contamination or oxidisation. The last pump is just as good as the first! lapureté is an Australian brand, formulated and made in Australia and will be available in Terry White, Chemmart, Pharmore, Nova, Pulse and more from 2011.
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