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With a passion for detail and style in the home, Former has easily cultivated a superb reputation for design and quality on an international scale. Based in Italy near Milan, Former has become exclusive to King Furniture, joining forces to project their mutual design philosophy. Included in their exciting 'Night' (Notto) range are pieces that pay specific attention to comfort in the bedroom - the tasteful 'BIG' bed and the 'Dossier' wardrobe system.

Like King Furniture, the extraordinary mix of skilled craftsmanship and technological precision at Former creates a suite of stylish yet functional furniture. Former's 'Day' (Giono) range is ideal for living and dining. This extensive collection suits the individual or family living in a modern and sophisticated lifestyle.

King Furniture's managing director, David King says, "Former's attention to quality and their unique offering, perfectly compliments our pieces."

Designed by Pinuccio Borgonovo to revolutionise the functional wardrobe with a touch of style, the impressive 'Dossier' wardrobe is a modular system that allows you to create small and simple or, large and complex configurations depending on your wardrobe situation and lifestyle. Additional compartments can be inserted or removed to create walk-in cabinets', shelving areas or shoe space with the main aluminium structure ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting base to your clothes space The 'Dossier' is available in a selection of styles including matt lacquer.

The 'BIG' bed is the perfect choice to add rich character to any bedroom as well as catering to the common question of storage. Its linear design is complimented by a storage compartment that is conveniently hidden within the base. 'BIG' is available with a reclining function, or a headboard that slides apart to reveal extra storage space - perfect for pillows or your favourite book! 'BIG' is offered in a range of timber veneer finishes and a selection of fabrics and colours for its headboard.

King Furniture is an Australian organisation with seven showrooms across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and ACT. They manufacture their extensive range in Sydney and their fully owned Australian factory in Shanghai. King Furniture craftsmanship is carried through from the award winning style at the cutting edge of modern furniture design, to sturdy construction of each piece of furniture. King Furniture fabrics and leathers reflect both the latest international trends and the best of tradition.

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