Kendra Baskett Season Four Interview

Kendra Baskett Season Four Interview

Kendra Baskett Season Four Interview

Finding balance between work and family is job number one for Kendra and Hank in the fourth season of Kendra.
It's time for Kendra to lay down roots at last when E!'s eponymous series returns for its fourth season premiere. The Baskett family - Kendra, husband Hank and Little Hank - finally "slide into home" in their new LA digs following years of cross-country moves. Doing so puts Kendra right back where the action is and positions her perfectly for her Hollywood career ambitions. Of course, this will challenge Kendra and Hank to find just the right balance between the personal and the professional.

Following a successful but intense run on "Dancing with the Stars," Kendra is busily writing her second book and the Basketts are considering another baby. But even as Kendra's work life is busier than ever, Hank's football career seems to be on very shaky ground, which makes long-term planning for the celebrity couple both stressful and uncertain. Though, rolling with life's punches is what Kendra is known for, and the Basketts are more than used to dealing with unexpected challenges thrown their way. Together, the Basketts will emerge stronger and even more committed to one another as family always remains their top priority. The fourth season of "Kendra" premieres Tuesday, October 18 at 9:30 pm AEDT only on E!

The season kicks off with a hilarious encounter with Kendra and Hank's quirky new neighbours, who play an over-the-top practical joke on the neighbourhood's newest residents. Kendra's decision-making skills are put to the ultimate test by all the decorating choices she needs to make for the new home. Meanwhile, a confrontation with Kendra's agent flares up after paparazzi photograph Kendra outside a high-end Beverly Hills restaurant, in basketball shorts and flip-flops. When the agent demands that Kendra "step up her game" and live up to the expectations of a celebrity lifestyle, Kendra gets defensive. She suggests that the agency focus less on what Kendra's wearing and more on finding Hank some work given that he hasn't yet found a spot on an NFL team. The episode ends with a laugh-filled housewarming BBQ, attended by friends, neighbours, Hank's NFL teammates, and even Kendra's "Dancing with the Stars" pals, Louis Van Amstel and Karina Smirnoff.

Other highlights this season include:
Escalating family drama, as Kendra's work obligations, and some misunderstandings, strain some of the most important relationships in her life
A romantic and hilarious second honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico
A fantastic professional opportunity for Kendra via a screen-test for a new TV show starring comedian Jon Lovitz
Hank is challenged as he navigates the uncertainty of his NFL career, and considers his options for when his playing days come to an end
Kendra hires her friend Victoria Fuller as a nanny to care for Little Hank. What's more, Kendra then plays matchmaker to help find the recently separated Victoria her first date in more than 14 years!

Kendra is produced by Prometheus Entertainment, Alta Loma Entertainment and Fox Television Studios. Executive Producer is Kevin Burns, the multiple Emmy® Award-winning producer of numerous non-fiction cable series and specials.
Kendra premières Tuesday, October 18 at 9.30pm AEDT only on E!

Interview with Kendra Baskett

Question: What will we see on the new season of Kendra?

Kendra Baskett: This new season has a great balance of everything; last season and the season before was a little lower in energy because I was pregnant, I gave birth, I was a first time Mum and all of that. This season, season four, shows how we balance everything and it also shows our plans including what we are doing if Hank doesn't get picked up for an NFL team. This season is higher energy which is a lot of fun but we also have some drama in there.

The thing about Kendra, the show, is we don't have to stage anything, our lives are real, our story is 100% real and the cameras are just there to film it as a fly on the wall. We are very happy to let everybody into our lives and share it.

Question: Tell us about your second honeymoon in Cancun! Was it romantic?

Kendra Baskett: Yes (laughing)! That was a lot of fun; you'll see what happens (laughing). Our first anniversary was in Seattle and we had a lot of fun one-on-one time but I believe a second anniversary should be spent with friends and not be so serious, it is more of a fun trip. A double date second anniversary is definitely the way to go and we had a lot of fun!

Question: When you began filming the first season of Kendra, did you think you'd be filming a season four?

Kendra Baskett: Yes and no. I feel like I have what it takes to hold my own show, the show is called Kendra and I live up to that. A lot of people need a lot of characters to fill in 30 minutes of an episode and I know how to fill in 30 minutes of an episode being who I am because I am real, I don't hold back or hide anything. I think what makes it such a good show is we show our real lives and people know that it's not fake, people know that the show is really real.

Question: Will we see you and Hank talking about having another baby, in this season?

Kendra Baskett: Um… no! Unfortunately not (laughing)! This season is more of a fun and sexy show. I got my sexy back and this season is showing how I got it back and where I'm at now, I am showing off my body this season.

Question: How often do you and Hank sit down and watch an episode of Kendra?

Kendra Baskett: Yes, we do. Although I get really bad anxiety when it comes to my show being on air which is why I turn it on and I'll watch it for a minute and then I'll leave and then I'll come in and then I'll leave - I can't watch a full episode. I don't like to watch myself because I feel as if I watch myself I'll want to change. I can't watch!

Question: Can you talk a little bit about your second book?

Kendra Baskett: My second book just came out, it's called Being Kendra and it's on the New York Times Bestsellers list. I am really excited that I have another bestseller, I am very fortunate to see how many supports are out there, for me and I really appreciate that which is why I have Book Tours where I can really talk and appreciate my fans. My fans know that I appreciate them which is why I think they support me.

Being Kendra is a continuation of the first book, I pick up where I ended in Sliding Into Home. Being Kendra is about who I am today and I have a lot more opinions and it is a little bit more gossipy than the first one too.

Question: What are you looking forward to most about being in Australia?

Kendra Baskett: I am so excited to be coming to Australia. It has been a lifelong dream of mine and my Mum's to go to Australia which is why I have surprised Mum with the trip. We are very excited and we hope to do as much as we can, we are there to be on the news stations and haunt everybody in their homes via the TV but we also are there to enjoy ourselves and see koalas and kangaroos.

Question: Was there ever a moment you thought about giving up the entertainment industry?

Kendra Baskett: I think I go through that probably once a week (laughing)! The only thing that keeps me going are my fans, my fans are the ones that really inspire me; they say I inspire them but they inspire me. My fans are the ones who get me back on my feet and keep me going. I had a lot of supporters when I was on Dancing With the Stars and that really proved to me that I should stick around a little bit more.

There are really problems that celebrities have and I wasn't born a celebrity, I wasn't born rich and I face the unknown which can make it hard to deal with the celebrity lifestyle sometimes!

Question: You seem to be a fairly approachable person, is this because you love your fans, so much?

Kendra Baskett: I don't pass up one of my fans. I recently saw a write up of who the nicest celebrities are and I was one of them, I live up to that because I like to be known as that. I am not that girl who doesn't appreciate my fans, I appreciate where I am at and I know that it's because of my fans - that is why I am here.

Question: Your whole life is broadcast to the public, is there one rule you live by to keep certain things private?

Kendra Baskett: The only things we do like to keep private are changing clothes and nap time for my baby. If the cameras want to be there to film us feeding our baby dinner then fine, but don't try and stop it, I am not going to allow anybody to stop us from eating or sleeping.

Question: What do you never leave the house without?

Kendra Baskett: A bottle of water (laughing)!

Interview by Brooke Hunter