Karen McDermott Change Your Mindset Interview

Karen McDermott Change Your Mindset Interview

Change your Mindset. Change your life.

Karen McDermott, award winning entrepreneur, law of attraction practitioner and multi-genre author of Mindful Magic, encourages the reader to change their mindset in this life-altering book. Karen explains the benefits of changing our mindset in order to manifest the life we dream of…

Karen has penned a pro-active go-with-YOUR-flow approach to resetting your mindset to create your best life. Karen is also the founder of Serenity Press and the Making Magic Happen Academy. When she is not the keynote speaker at events or at book launches, Karen is a hands-on, busy Mum to six children.

'Mindful Magic has been written for those who seek insight into how to create a magical life and/or business success. Our mindset is our greatest treasure; it creates our reality. It is my hope that this book reaches the right people at the right time because I believe that when time and circumstance align, magic happens. My greatest passion is to inspire others to find their magic," states Karen.

Interview with Karen McDermott

Question: What is mindful magic?

Karen McDermott: It is when we become mindful to stop and embrace the magic moments that frequent in our lives that we often overlook. These moments hold the key to unlocking a magic mindset.

Question: How is this different to manifestation?

Karen McDermott: When we embrace mindful magic it comes from a more passionate loving place and with that pure intention we attract things that are aligned with our highest potential.

Question: How have you included this practice into your own life?

Karen McDermott: 100% yes. I have always lived a loving passionate life but have also endured darkness. I identified that it was when I true to myself that I fell. I am now a passionate, mindful person. I listen to my Knowing which gifts me the courage to take action when needed. I have created a very special life with many successes because I believe in the magic of life and am mindful about how I navigate it.

Question: How does changing our mindset, change our life?

Karen McDermott: The process can begin with something as simple as being grateful for something every day. That one thing implemented consistently will have you see benefits. When you begin to realise that you can influence your experience of life by becoming more mindful it is a very magical realisation.

Question: How can we use mindful magic for business?

Karen McDermott: Well I have manifested a successful publishing company from a thought. I have done this by setting the intention of possibly creating something amazing and being open to allowing my business to grow organically initially and then as it has evolved I initiated what I call a peripheral power, which is being aware of opportunities that present themselves along the way when I am focused on the destination. It makes the business journey way more interesting and fun.

Question: What are your top tips for changing our mindset?

1. Karen McDermott: One simple mindset shift can change your life.
2. Do something mindfully for 21 days and you will have created a habit.
3. Positive energy will attract positive things into your life.
4. Passion fueled by loving intention can make anything happen.
5. There are no limits, only the ones we impose on ourselves.
6. If you allow yourself to believe in the magic of life, you will experience a more magical life.
7. A Knowing is not a thinking thing, it is a feeling thing, accept this and you will be guided to your purpose.

Interview by Brooke Hunter