Jurlique Hydrating Mask

Jurlique Hydrating Mask
Powered by the unique Jurlique Rose grown on the Jurlique Farm in South Australia, blends of botanical oils and extracts, innovative skincare technology and eco-friendly packaging, Jurlique's Hydrating Mask is the perfect union of nature, technology and sustainability.
Masks are the perfect way to step up your skincare ritual, providing the skin with an intense treatment to help tackle an array of skin concerns. 
While bringing life back to lacklustre skin, masks are also the perfect way to unwind with a little self-care ritual. 

In need of a quick 10-minute treatment for an instant book in Hydration?  Jurlique's Hydrating Mask can be used during the day or as a quick treatment after completing the steps of your morning or evening skincare ritual. Apply the mask throughout the day, whether sitting at your desk, relaxing in front of the TV or indulging in a candlelit bath. 
No More Thirsty Skin! Upgrade your self-care ritual with a flood of moisture. 
This silky and creamy mask indulges your skin with round the clock hydration.
Jurlique Rose oil extract is infused in our Rose droplet technology which slowly releases the extract onto the skin.
Also featuring our own Radiance Blend, a combination of Rose, Lavender, Calendula and Marshmallow root extracts to rediscover skin's natural glow.

An essential for soft, radiant and hydrated skin.





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