Judith Lucy vs Men

Judith Lucy vs Men

Judith Lucy is single again… and 50.

After reflecting on her entire history with men, she's concluded that maybe it's time to shut up shop.

"Whatever it is that I'm selling, a lot of straight guys simply aren't that interested in buying it. And I'm including people like my father."

Named as an ambassador for the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival, Judith will be bringing her new show to Melbourne as she travels around the country with her brand - new show in 2019, exploring the stereotypes, her own desires and recounting her full history with the opposite sex, leaving it up to the audience to determine whether she should ever date again.

Should Judith hang up her vagina for good?

Melbourne, the decision is yours.

A national comedy treasure, Judith Lucy is a household name. She has a back catalogue of live shows that have made hundreds of thousands of Australians whoop and howl with laughter over the better part of 30 years and has carved out a reputation as one of the most rivetingly honest, assured and hilarious comedians this country has ever produced.

Judith Lucy Vs Men will be Judith's first solo show since Ask No Questions of the Moth took home the prestigious Helpmann Award for Best Comedy Performance in 2015. The show was also cherry-picked by STAN and recorded for their hugely successful One Night Stan stand-up special series.

In 2017 Judith teamed up with good friend Denise Scott to create their critically acclaimed, smash-hit show Disappointments, which sold more than 70,000 tickets nationally and win the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival's People's Choice Award.

Dates: Thurs 28 March – Sun 14 April
Time: Tue – Fri 7pm, Sat 7:30pm, Sun 6pm
Venue: Arts Centre Melbourne – Playhouse
Ticket Prices: From $44
Bookings: comedy.com.au