JOVS Venus Pro Exclusively for CurrentBody Skin

JOVS Venus Pro Exclusively for CurrentBody Skin
The CurrentBody Skin Essentials have been created based on feedback from thousands of customers and are designed to perfectly complement existing beauty routines. 

JOVS Venus Pro Exclusively for CurrentBody Skin

The only combination hair removal and anti-ageing device

The new tools are at an amazing entry level price point making it even easier to bring professional technology into the home and create your own spa experience.
  • World-first 180° rotating head for ultra-precise treatments
  • 6 treatment heads and 6 energy modes
  • Built-in ICE technology cools the skin for painless treatments
  • Skin rejuvenating attachment head boosts collagen production
  • Treat your entire body in 10 minutes
JOVS Venus Pro Exclusively for CurrentBody Skin
RRP: $590.00

Review: When the 'JOVS Venus Pro' arrived on my desk, I didn't know what it was at first, but I quickly worked out that it's revoluntionising at home salon care.  Be sure the follow the directions closely as this is the real deal, it will noticably reduce your hair and particularly your hair thickness in treated areas.  Be patient, it will take a few goes to notice a reduction in hair growth, but it will happen. 

At this price you want to be sure it is worth the $, and I am happy to report I'm satisfied with not only the results but the overall value compared to the amount of salon visits you would need to achieve the same result.

Can't vouch for anti-ageing at this stage, only time will tell, but what a great idea to remove hair and rejuvenate collagen in your skin at the same time, that's really taking advantage of technology.
The Jovs Venus Pro is easy to use and took me just over 10 mins to do my whole body, I do actually like the fact that I'm in control, and it's realatively painful (even for a sook like me).  The 180° head makes it easy to glide around your body effortlessly.

If you are unsure about the instructions, there are plenty of youtube videos, but it's really simple.
You can safely remove hair on the face, arms, legs, remember it also boosts collagen production as you go, so 2 for 1. As you go up to higher settings (6 available) you may feel the warmth with a flash to your skin, be careful not to concentrate in one area too long.

Get your JOVS Venus Pro for silky smooth hair free skin.