Joel Schuberg BLUNT Umbrellas Interview

Joel Schuberg BLUNT Umbrellas Interview

Joel Schuberg BLUNT Umbrellas Interview

 Born in New Zealand and raised in wild weather. It was the perfect place for the idea of an umbrella re-think.


Why? Because it was also the perfect place to grow up with an appreciation of nature and the outdoors, driving a passion for sustainability and never letting rain stop play.


The team behind BLUNT™ Umbrellas abhor the throwaway culture, something umbrellas are at the forefront of, and are on a quest to change consumer acceptance of built-in obsolescence and shoddy workmanship one BLUNT™ umbrella at a time.


They don't want to make products that end up in landfill – but to be part of the solution.


How? By merging a truly revolutionary innovation and design with quality workmanship, painstaking material selection and some mad scientist testing thrown in. BLUNT™ umbrellas are designed to be repaired, if need be, but never thrown away.


Put bluntly these umbrellas are the single most significant advancement in umbrella design, in over a century… 


Plus they also happen to look incredible too. Function meets form.


Since being founded in 2009, design critics and press alike have bestowed BLUNT™ with such accolades as a 'revolution in umbrella design", a 'structure that falls between a suspension bridge and a NASA space probe" (The Wall Street Journal), and an umbrella with 'architectural integrity as unbroken as the dome of St. Peter's" (Wired). In 2014, Blunt won a prestigious iF Product Design award and a Red Dot Design Award at the International Design Awards in Germany.


With a comprehensive range of models to choose from, including the connected Blunt + Tile, BLUNT™ has its user covered, whatever the weather, whatever his or her style.


Like all good, young New Zealanders BLUNT™ is inspired by adventure and travel, leaving the beauty of it's homeland to explore, and educate, the rest of the world on how they can love weather.


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