Jericho Paraben Free Eye Gel

Jericho Paraben Free Eye Gel

Jericho Paraben Free Eye Gel

Jericho Paraben Free & Fragrance Free Eye Gel helps to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles under eyes, with a soothing effect on the delicate tissue around eye area. It is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and olive oil that will nurture your skin and restore moisture to maintain the skin's youthful appearance.? Jericho Eye Gel contains an overflow of minerals including: magnesium, sulfur, calcium, bromide and other beneficial minerals that maintain a glistening, new feel to your skin. Use this every day.

Directions: Apply daily around the eyes; morning and evening.

Jericho Paraben Free Eye Gel 50g: $59.95

Ingredients: Demineralised water (aqua), polysorbate 20, thriethanolamine, carbomer, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, glycerin, propylparaben, dead sea salt, dead sea black mud (slit), propylene glycol.

The Mineral Miracle:

The Mineral Miracle
My name is Merylin and I am the founder of The Mineral Miracle, an online store of Professional Mineral Makeup and Skin care from the Dead Sea. Born & raised in Beer Sheva, the desert capital of Israel, which is 40 minutes drive from the lowest place on earth - the Dead Sea, I grew up like many women discovering the world of Skin Care struggling to find the right products for my skin. Like every teenage girl I was never happy with the look of my skin. Buying, Trying and chucking was my "skin care regime" until I re-discovered the magical Dead Sea salts & mud with the healing powers, nutrients and cell regeneration that completely changed my life.

The unique Dead Sea minerals combined with essential oils and natural plant extracts in each and every skin- care product on The Mineral Miracle store are the secret ingredientsfor complete skin rejuvenation. The beneficial effects of the Dead Sea's minerals on the skin and their unique therapeutic and beautifying powers have been recognized since ancient times. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen was bathing in the Dead Sea water and tried to obtain exclusive rights over the Dead Sea area. Not like Cleopatra - we do like to share our beauty secrets and bring you a unique collection of Jericho, Jericho Premium & Black Pearl Skin care with the ancient healing minerals of the Dead Sea.

My passion for beauty has started long time before I had to worry about my skin. I was always fascinated with Makeup! Spending every morning with my mum in front of the mirror just to get a glimpse of how to use those magical colors on my face was what gave me the confident & knowledge to use makeup on myself growing up. The passion became an obsession which lead me to IL Makiage Mineral Makeup established in 1972 by a makeup artist for makeup artists, and has been widely used among professionals in film, television and fashion industry in the United States and in Europe. Among IL-Makiage clients are: Cher, Bette Midler, Madonna, Lisa Marie Presley, Diana Ross, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Demy Moore, Cicely Tyson, Tony Braxton, Uma Thurman, Kim Bassinger, Maria Carey, and Prince.IL Makiage is a professional Makeup line not only for professionals with an extensive colorpallet, modern touches like shimmers, high pigments ingredients and themost refined textures available to enhance your true beauty.

Our Mission
The Mineral Miracle is all about bringing you a compelling content of beauty products, news, trends, fashion and 'know how to' articles allowing women of any age, skin type and skin condition around the world to connect, share beauty secrets, and seek advice about any beauty concern.


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