Jennifer Byrne Presents Writing with Food

Jennifer Byrne Presents Writing with Food


ABC TV - Tuesday, 09 October 2007 - 10:00PM

Two of the greatest joys of life, good books and great food, are combined as never before in an exuberant and entertaining half hour as Jennifer Byrne Presents Writing With Food.

Jennifer's guests include one of Australia's best loved comedians, television and radio stars, Mikey Robins. He's still the fastest wit in the west and he's in great form tonight, but amongst his other talents, Mikey is a passionate amateur food historian with unique perspectives on food through the ages.

From the ridiculous to the sublime, guest Gay Bilson writes about food for leading Australian publications and is an award-winning author. Her restaurant, the Berowra Waters Inn, has been showered with praise and she retains her deep passion for food. Tonight, she talks about her attempt to produce what she saw as the ultimate act of generosity - creating and serving blood sausages using her own blood.

Another guest is award-winning novelist and non-fiction writer Marion Halligan, author of The Taste of Memory and The Apricot Colonel. Marion reveals that food is a powerful device for understanding the nature of each character. Miss Marple would no more wash down a hamburger with bourbon than Philip Marlowe would take tea with cucumber sandwiches.

Finally, co-host of Triple J's Breakfast show Myf, Jay and the Doctor, Lindsay McDougall, also 'chews the fat' on tonight's program. He has been a vegan for more than a decade and has contributed articles and recipes to several vegan cookbooks. Lindsay reveals that ethically he would have absolutely no problem eating Gay's special blood sausages!

Don't miss this fascinating discussion about food and books... and listen out for a chat about a tablecloth made out of tripe, as well as Mikey's take on 'gastro porn"!

ABC Arts, Entertainment & Comedy. Executive Producer: Amanda Duthie. Series Producer: Nick Price.