Interactive TV Weather

Are Aussies set for a sizzling or soaking summer?Clever interactive TV weather application now forecasts for 16,000Australian suburbs!

Will summer 2010 see Australia beat its highest recorded temperature of 50.7C, reached in Oodnatta, South Australia in 1960? Are there severe summer storms on the way?

Australians can now find out exactly what the forecast - right down to their individual postcode - withThe Weather Channel's new and improved interactive application called Weather Active now availableto all FOXTEL and AUSTAR subscribers.

For the first time on TV in Australia, Weather Active delivers personalised forecasts for morning, noonand night, as well as a 10-day forecast for every suburb on-demand.

Residents can now zoom in on key areas to view localised rainfall activity, thanks to a doubling incapacity of the popular rain radar feature.

"Checking with Weather Active in the morning will let you know if that late afternoon family picnic is agood idea or not. We deliver targeted forecasts for 16,000 individual suburbs around the country andwith our faster and smarter new app, Australians can plan their summer days with ease," said TheWeather Channel's General Manager Julian Delany.

"It's weather on demand like never before. By world standards, this application is incrediblysophisticated and delivers the most comprehensive and personalised interactive weather experience inthe market."

Weather Active is already the most popular 'red button' application on subscription TV and its newfeatures and added speed are expected to further cement it as a must-do in viewers' morning routines.The application's database queries over 800 weather stations, 560 forecast locations, 75 marinedistricts, 34 surf districts and 73 tides locations.

The new Weather Active will also include new snow and resort forecasts throughout winter and will nowfeature an easy-to-navigate design with increased animated lightning and satellite images.

For an interactive demonstration of the new app, go to:

The Weather Channel is available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR on Channel 603.