It's About Breathing

It's About Breathing

It's About Breathing

Sensitive Choice launches information campaign to help Australians with asthma and allergies breathe easier
Australians will find it easier to make an informed choice about products and services that may reduce the impact of their asthma and allergies in a new campaign launched today by Sensitive Choice, a community service program from the National Asthma Council Australia.

The information campaign, 'It's about breathing", aims to increase consumer awareness of the hundreds of household products and services available that could make life easier for the 2.3 million Australians with asthma, and the one-in-three who suffers from allergies.

'More than seven million Australians have allergies, including asthma, hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis and eczema," says Associate Professor Sheryl Van Nunen from the Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

'For many people, allergies are more than just an annoying inconvenience. They can really impact on quality of life and lead to days off work or school, or to missing out on fun with friends.

'To get your asthma or allergies under control, you should speak to your doctor, take your prescribed medications and follow your asthma or allergy plan," advises Associate Professor Van Nunen advises. 'Your doctor can help you to identify your asthma or allergy triggers – some of the most common are house dust mites, pollens, moulds and pets. Reducing or avoiding your triggers may help improve your symptoms."

The Sensitive Choice program helps educate Australians about managing their triggers and also encourages companies to recognise the health concerns of people with asthma or allergies. Some manufacturers have even been inspired to develop specific new products, such as carpets, for this community.

Ms Kristine Whorlow, the National Asthma Council Australia's CEO, said that for nearly a decade, Sensitive Choice has identified products and services that may be better choices for people with asthma and allergies. More than 50 community-conscious companies are now involved, including many leading Australian and international companies.

'The program's blue butterfly symbol is clearly displayed on approved products and we encourage shoppers to look out for this reassuring symbol.

'Our new campaign -It's about breathing' aims to help even more Australians benefit from the program. A feature of the campaign is the launch of our new Sensitive Choice website (, which has been designed to be easily accessible on your mobile or tablet, ideal for shoppers searching for asthma and allergy sensitive products on the go. You can also find great advice and resources to help you live well with asthma and allergies.

'The campaign also includes community service announcements and outdoor advertising."

About Sensitive Choice Products:
The reassuring Sensitive Choice blue butterfly can be found on hundreds of products – from bedding to building products, cleaning agents to carpets, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, to the paint that covers the walls of your home and office.

All products are reviewed by the Sensitive Choice Product Advisory Panel comprising experts in allergy, respiratory medicine, pharmacy, general practice, industrial chemistry and consumer issues. Only products that may be a better choice for people with asthma or allergy are included on the Sensitive Choice register.
For more information on recommended products that are better choices for people with asthma and allergies visit the Sensitive Choice website -