Indulge Your Mum

Indulge Your Mum

The feeling is unanimous around the world, our Mum's are the most treasured people to every one of us. They love us unconditionally, remember all the little things everyone else forgets and are the one person who truly believes in who you are. Mother's Day is drawing near and it is time to put some thought into how you are going to show her that she is really appreciated.

Mother's Day should be a day for her to escape the normal routine. No chores, no cooking, no helping with the general organisation of the day to day activities. Let her relax, sit back and reflect on the good times with her family. Give her gifts, make her lunch and treat her all day long. Celebrate your mum this year!

As with every celebration you can't be without a cake for the perfect finale. Michel's Patisserie is famous for their specialty cakes and this year they have created a gorgeous chocolate mud cake with a delicious pink love heart perfectly placed on top. Choose between the large round mud for the bigger family, medium sized log for the smaller family or sweet individual muds for each and every one of you.

Priced from $6.90 the Mother's Day Mud Cakes are available from each of Michel's Patisseries' 170 stores across Australia.