Hydragun HeatPulse 2 Knee Massager Review

Hydragun HeatPulse 2 Knee Massager Review


Hydragun -- the producer of premium recovery solutions and wellness products -- is happy to share that we will be launching the new (and improved) version of our HeatPulse knee massager in Australia this June!


the HeatPulse is a knee massager that uses soothing heat and steady vibrative pulses to deliver long-lasting relief from tightness, soreness, stiffness, and pain. 


Perfect for people suffering from arthritis of the knee, recovering from surgery, or suffering knee pain from high-impact sports, the second-gen HeatPulse also has five major upgrades, including an even wider temperature range and an even better fit for limbs of all sizes.


What is the HeatPulse 2?

A knee massager that uses soothing heat and steady vibrative pulses to deliver long-lasting relief from tightness, soreness, stiffness and pain. Our second-generation HeatPulse features five major upgrades:

Even wider temperature range with HeatLast™ infrared graphene technology

Choose from seven temperature settings, from 40-70°C (104-158°F)


Double the battery life Industry-leading battery life lasts up to three hours or six treatment sessions

Refined pulse vibration Twin vibrating cores now target the entire joint instead of just the kneecap An even better fit for limbs of all sizes

Longer straps with an adjustable buckle design to fit both larger and smaller limbs better Improved, intuitive user interface

Choose heat therapy, vibration therapy, or both in this new and improved control pod, which detaches for easy USB-C charging



Who is the HeatPulse 2 for?

The HeatPulse 2 was designed to help with:

Arthritis of the knee
Knee strains, sprains and other injuries
Post-surgery recovery
Knee pain from high-impact sports

It can also be used on the elbows, and on the shoulders with the provided extension strap.


How it works



Step 1
Strap the sleeve around your knee and adjust the buckle for a secure fit. The HeatPulse 2 is made of 360° Silkro fabric to allow a comfortable, fully customizable velcro fit on any knee.

Step 2
Attach the magnetic control pod to the sleeve.  Press and hold the power button to turn the HeatPluse 2 on.  Use the + and - buttons to choose your temperature setting, and the M button to turn on the massage function and cycle through the three different massage speeds.


Step 3
Sit back and let the HeatPulse 2 work its magic. One full treatment session lasts for 30 minutes. Repeat for another 30 minutes on the other knee. (Or press and hold the power button to end treatment at any time.)



Try it with the Thermosleeve

Want even more comprehensive joint pain relief. Try hot and cold contrast therapy by combining the HeatPulse
with the Thermosleeve.


The Thermosleeve is a fuss-free, mess-free, freezer burn-free alternative to ice packs. Use it straight from the freezer for cold therapy, followed by the HeatPulse for heat and vibration therapy.


Studies show that contrast therapy can help with:
Joint pain including all forms of arthritis, and musculoskeletal conditions like tendinitis
Post-injury and post-surgery recovery:
try cold therapy in the first 48 hours after injury or surgery to reduce swelling and inflammation
use heat therapy to reduce joint stiffness and muscle tension, and boost circulation to speed recovery

Post-exercise recovery:
alleviate post-exercise fatigue
reduce lactic acid build-up
reduce DOMS-induced muscle soreness and weakness
Muscle cramps and spasms


HeatPulse 2 Knee Massager

RRP: $199

Available through Hydragun.com.au





Another great Hydagun invention, the HeatPlus 2 Knee Massager relieves pain and reduces stiffness. Combining penetrating infrared heat with mechanical massage the HeatPlus improves your blood flow allowing you to accelerate your injury recovery time.  While designed for the knee, it also works well on elbows and shoulders which makes it useful for the whole family.  As a long time tendinitis sufferer, I can highly recommend the HeatPlus 2 Knee Massager to alleviate pain and add warmth to stiff areas in a safe way.





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