Hunter Hunter

Hunter Hunter

HUNTER HUNTER is savage and 'Certified Fresh'


Devon Sawa, Nick Stahl, Camille Sullivan, Summer H. Howell

Shawn Linden


A family of modern-day fur trappers living deep in the wilderness must defend their home against a sinister presence lurking in the area.

Filmed in the depths of the stunning Canadian wilderness and featuring an all-star cast including Devon Sawa from Disturbing The Peace, Nick Stahl of Terminator 3 fame and Camille Sullivan from TVs The Man In The High Castle, HUNTER HUNTER is a survivalist thriller: man vs wild, hunter vs prey, savage predator vs a ruthless killer and presents a harrowing pressure cooker that leads to a shocking finale.


HUNTER HUNTER launch on Home Entertainment 7 April 2021

Rated: 18+

Defiant Screen Entertainment