How To Survive and Stay Healthy While Working Full Time

How To Survive and Stay Healthy While Working Full Time

How To Survive and Stay Healthy While Working Full Time

Tip 1: Make sleep your #1 priority

Getting a good night's sleep every night, is very important for your health. Most people need between 7-9 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy and productive. A bad night's sleep can result in your next day at work being less productive and more stressful. Poor sleep can also affect the hormones that regulate your appetite. Think back to when you had a bad night's sleep. Did you crave sweet or carbohydrate rich foods the next day? A good night's sleep has the added benefit of improving your problem-solving skills, enhancing your memory and improving your immune function.

To improve your sleep patterns, have a pre-bed routine that starts an hour before your scheduled bedtime. Turn off your phone and screens and have a warm bath or shower before slipping into bed with your latest book to read.

Tip 2: Eat well

It doesn't matter how organised you are, there will be times when you and your family aren't eating as well as you could. If you've got a crisper with wilted vegetables, a fruit bowl with squashy bananas or a freezer jam packed with frozen meals, Chefgood may be for you! Chefgood specialises in delivering healthy, nutritious and delicious meals straight to your door. It's time to say goodbye to planning, shopping, cutting and cooking. For full time workers, Chefgood meals are the perfect way to enjoy fresh and healthy meals, every day of the week!

Prepared by qualified chefs who are passionate about health and nutrition, the restaurant quality meals only use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The wide range of daily meals and snacks include Slim & Trim, Train & Tone, Mix & Match and Vegetarian. Picture yourself getting up in the morning, opening your fridge and there's your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks waiting for you. It's like you're a celebrity with a personal chef on hand, without the expensive price tag! The beauty of Chefgood Mix & Match is you can customise meal plans to suit you and your family. Choose from five or seven lunches and dinners and add in a snack and breakfast package.

Tip 3: Use time saving workouts

How many times have you promised yourself you'll go to the gym before work and on the way home? The gym is a great option to stay healthy, but only if you go regularly! When you're working full time, it can be hard though. From work meetings, juggling child-care pick-ups and after school activities. Your gym workouts can be easily sabotaged by your work and home commitments. You don't need to go to the gym to stay healthy and fit when you're working full time. Working out at home is a cost-effective, simple way to stay active. With an exercise mat, kettle bells, exercise ball and stretch band, you'll be able to do a workout without queueing for gym machines. Great workouts to do at home include HIIT and Tabata.

Tip 4: Take supplements to boost your energy

If your energy levels have slumped, it may be a good time to consider taking supplements. You'd think that living in Australia, it's not possible to be Vitamin D deficient! But it turns out that most Australians are mildly deficient in Vitamin D. Taken first thing in the morning, a Vitamin D dose of about 3000 IU per day can reverse this deficiency. A fish oil supplement can help fight inflammation caused by working in a full-time stressful job. A daily dose of 1-3 grams of fish oil can help improve your cardiovascular health and brain function.

Greens powder is a perfect supplement if you don't eat enough vegetables every day. In a range of different flavours, greens powder is made from concentrated fruit and vegetable nutrients, fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Before you take supplements, it's a good idea to chat with your doctor. Some supplements can be contraindicated for some health conditions or if you're taking prescription medication.

While some people working full time enjoy coming home and preparing a tasty meal for their family night after night, for others it can be challenging. Then there's breakfast to prepare and school and work lunches to pack! If you're finding it hard to create mouth-watering, healthy meals when you're working full time, Chefgood meals are a great option. The healthy and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are a great way to ease the burden of serving up nutritious and delicious meals for you and your family.