How To Conquer Your Busy Schedule Effectively

How To Conquer Your Busy Schedule Effectively

If you're anything like me, you wake up with a to-do list that's so long it makes you want to crawl back into bed. Especially since I just bought a new mattress online. Buying mattresses online – I know, how hipster!

Anyway, at the risk of sounding modest, I'm going to admit that lately, I've perfected never running on time, I'm always making excuses as to why I haven't met any deadlines nor achieved any personal goals like 'no eating lollies today" or 'okay now I've eaten lollies, just have the one bag."

These days I'm so great at never sticking to my own agenda, I forget where I'm supposed to be most the time. On top of this, when asked for help, I oblige – even when I know this is going to throw my day's plan that's already off track, completely off the beaten track!

Today, I decided this unorganised, procrastinating routine I'd grown accustomed to, had to stop. A new daily plan was in order. I will research this now. Actually, I will procrastinate a little more first and then ponder this thought while watching some people across the road putting things in their car and then have a quick read through last weeks TV guide.

(2 hours later…)

While waiting for a TV show to come on which won't cos it was on last week, I noticed 2 empty Allen's Chico bags and mountains of Mintie wrappers piled up next to me from tearing them up trying to see how long I can make each one. It was then I remembered that I was supposed to be utilising my time more effectively. That moment of clarity came to me after watching Ellen so naturally I wondered how she managed her hectic schedule. I wasn't sure, so with the weight of my Mintie wrappers and 'to-do list" on my shoulders, I read my horoscope then felt like a coffee so I put the kettle on.

2 coffees later, 1 pot of tea with honey, a couple of toilet stops, one phone call made, a text message sent and I couldn't help but notice how cold it looked outside. Brrr.

(Another hour passes…)

With time ticking and nothing completed, my blood began to boil. I could feel the stress inside my body mounting. It wouldn't be long til my insides erupted like a volcano all over the floors I'd just mopped a month ago. Give or take, but I digress – again…

I was so stressed I was about to lose the plot. I read somewhere, think it was in That's Life, that in these situations, it helps if you write whatever is on your mind down to help clear and calm it and put everything into perspective. Turns out, it was my 'to do list." No way! Once this was clearly written in front of me though, I could easily see the best 'order of the day" in which I should priorities. Straight away I realised I forgot I had a meeting three hours ago. This stuff really works!

From this day forward, I'm going to write my 'to do" list in the morning instead of 4pm. Not wanting to waste the rest of day, I decided to carry out the remaining items on today's list knowing that those I'd missed (ran late for) – could go on tomorrow's. Winning.

(1 hour and 6 Kingston biscuits later…)

I've no meetings scheduled I can run late for, was able to minimise my excuses for not meeting deadlines as I managed to meet a couple but unfortunately I ran out of Chicos and Minties. Ba-bow.