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Born between: Dec 22nd - Jan 19th

Highly intelligent and organised, the Capricorn star sign often relates to characterises of perseverance and planning. Capricorns need to be careful to not take on too many of other people's problems on top of their own.

Children bring out the best in you now. Even if it is not possible to be around kids, you will be positively child-like yourself. And full of open-hearted determination to play as much as possible. Put your feelings on the line, saying what you mean, hinting loudly in the direction of loved ones. Slow down to talk over emotional and domestic matters, after your recent busy patch. Amusing colors are crimson and cumquat. Lucky numbers are 60 and 78.
Since you may be feeling more vulnerable than usual, it's important that you help others feel comfortable. And then in turn they're more likely to do the same for you. Even if your opinions are correct, you need to put your views across more subtly. Pluto is under pressure in your sign, so if you get too pushy and try to force your beliefs on others, it will arouse resentment. Favorable colors are pistachio and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 30 and 56.
In no mood to be bossed around, you will be impatient if they expect you to stick to the dull and routine. Keep your wits together, even though it's not easy when your routines are so stirred up. A constant flow of information coming and going leads to a fair amount of dashing around and more encounters than usual. Avoid upsetting the applecart at home. Propitious colors are garnet and periwinkle. Lucky numbers are 6 and 49.
Whatever anyone else wants, you want to do something different. It's a day for flying solo and following your own ideas. In the quiet times, unexpected encounters or situations reveal that you are a good deal more resourceful and resilient than you had imagined. You are growing in self-awareness and understanding so there's no need to get edgy about being on your own. Buoyant colors are amethyst and lapis lazuli. Lucky numbers are 63 and 52.
Not everything is possible in life, Capricorn. Sometimes it is just a question of patiently waiting till the tide turns and sometimes it is just about facing up to limitations, to what you can't change. If you can accept one particular situation now as it is, then you will find it easier to handle. You are exceptionally loyal where it matters, ready to stick it out through thick and thin for the sake of the really important people in your life. Favorable colors are tangerine and buttercup. Lucky numbers are 47 and 25.
You can be a great crusader for your beliefs and enthusiastic about broadcasting your ideas to a wider cross-section of friends. Keep calm, for you'll be a touch strong in your opinions since you will feel rather evangelical. Luckily a truthful and straightforward approach will arouse general enthusiasm. Advantageous colors are faded parchment and indian red. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
If everyone can be straightforward and avoid being self- righteous, then the planetary influences can be immensely helpful. Keeping detached and unemotional is the key. Asking probing questions, you tune into many aspects which other people never see as you investigate in greater depth. Remember that not everyone else wants to dig so deep, so be sparing in what you say. Realistic colors are violet and obsidian. Lucky numbers are 42 and 16.
Relationships with women in general should be good. Show yourself in a positive way, more protective and nurturing. If you take care of others, they are much more likely to respond in like manner. Open your mind to new ideas. This can be inspiring, but it leaves you feeling unsettled. Your working routines are speeded up so be wary, because at times your energy is far too scattered. Positive colors are celadon and milk coffee. Lucky numbers are 67 and 9.
Do you want to belong and put down roots? Make your intimate surroundings a cocoon of comfort, with all your favourite people in the frame. The atmosphere is sentimental, remembering the good not the gritty times. When you get the chance to have a private moment, think about personal matters that have been tucked into the background. If you let things come to the surface in your mind you can really sort them out. Positive colors are rye bread and red coral. Lucky numbers are 51 and 69.
If there have been any family rifts or differences recently, the New Moon at the Equinox (the new astrological year), could just be the time to wipe the slate clean and start again. Reach out and see where you can spread harmony. More for your own sake than anything else, you need to control the tendency to overwork for the next few weeks, as you'll find it difficult to wind down until everything has been finished. If you are feeling dissatisfied with what you do, don't get too critical. Auspicious colors are buttercup and peach. Lucky numbers are 58 and 51.
The Sun's entry into the cardinal signs always marks the deep structure of the year. The Sun in fiery Aries at the Equinox turns the focus to home, family and domestic conditions. You need to assert and express yourself within the family. Control arrogance or stubborn pride, or this will offend parents and others. Disputes over family property may come, though family pride is high and bonds are strengthened. Family support and connections boost new ventures of your own at this time. Read more on the Equinox! Positive colors are old gold and ivory. Lucky numbers are 4 and 10.
More sensitive and private than usual as the Sun strides into fiery Aries, you're tempted to put up defensive barriers against the outside world. Avoid being directly confrontational, or leaping in with provocative comments. Make sure you know how to finish what you start. Talking to your nearest and dearest will help you sort out any family tensions that have been swept under the carpet. Beneficial colors are blue sapphire and yellow iris. Lucky numbers are 10 and 22.
Buzz, buzz. Busy, busy. You have an intense desire to achieve and you have the potential to get things done, but there could be some risks in all this passionate energy. Try not to be too confrontational or aggressive. Play it cool. If you boss loved ones around they will not take it kindly. Avoid throwing your energy into dramatic gestures and flamboyant language. Favorable colors are periwinkle and indigo. Lucky numbers are 9 and 2.
Today might just be your chance to build bridges. Express what you feel without being abrasive, so no one can take offence. Your open manner attracts a more positive response from everyone around. Watch that you don't sound a bit arrogant and intolerant if you get too involved in pet causes. Beneficial colors are obsidian and deep green. Lucky numbers are 74 and 15.
Letters and phone calls keep you on your toes, and a good many short distance trips keep boredom well at bay. Skimming the surface and cutting corners? There's not much time to focus on details. Romantically upfront, you head for what you want, so don't be shy about stating your fancy. You may be a little accident prone since you're more reckless than usual as you look for adventure. Auspicious colors are hazelnut and wattle. Lucky numbers are 4 and 8.
Push frivolity to one side and do the practical, solid, sensible, get-it-all-together kind of tasks. A lot of stuff can be cleared out of the way once and for all. Then you will deserve a break and can disappear off to play truant. With Mercury retro in fiery Aries you are more creative and sympathetic than usual, though not always able to put your thoughts or feelings precisely into words. Beneficial colors are pink salmon and copper. Lucky numbers are 10 and 25.
Don't take other people's comments personally, fearing slights where none were intended. They are just jealous. With the restless Moon in your sign, you'll be ebbing and flowing like the tide, so hang out with mates who are protective, nurturing and perhaps a little more practical than you are right now. Calming colors are charcoal and violet. Lucky numbers are 15 and 75.
Companions are preoccupied, which might make you feel a little excluded. If they're tied up in what they're doing, you need to slip into your own space to think things through. One way is what you ought to do, the other is what you want to do. Following your whims will give you a guilty conscience, but being dutiful will make you feel under- nurtured. Gosh. Avoid trying to go in two opposite directions at once. Composed colors are rhodium and raw sugar. Lucky numbers are 10 and 14.
Cut your losses and clear out what needs to be got rid of. Your life is moving in a healthy and positive direction. You will emerge as a stronger personality from your present stressful experiences. Try to resolve any resentments you have with partners. Watch you are not getting too close to subjects to see them clearly. Advantageous colors are crimson and brass. Lucky numbers are 59 and 41.
A victory dinner with your love is in order tonight, even if you're just celebrating surviving the past six months! You have been tested and tried relentlessly, but still prevail. Your consistency in the face of transformation is apparent as your persistence pays off. The next few weeks may bring a promotion or other form of increase in status. Read more on Mercury retrograde! Beneficial colors are ivory and crimson. Lucky numbers are 10 and 22.
If you are dashing around trying to sort out things with different people and getting yourself confused, blame it on the Moon. Remember at the end of it all, you will come to your own judgements and act accordingly. Your ability to sparkle in the spotlight attracts compliments, if not new admirers. Just flirt, have fun, and avoid dull chores. Life's too short to worry. Suitable colors are toffee and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 27 and 55.
An old, long-running relationship could be sparking back to life, or a new relationship might put the twinkle back in your eye. You could get sudden financial gains as well. Keep things on an even keel and there shouldn't be too many problems. You fizz and sparkle with brilliant ideas about almost everything now. Not everyone around will agree, but frankly you could not care less. Amusing colors are tartan and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 6 and 5.
Be positive, upfront and speak your mind. This is not the time to hide in a corner or sweep your feelings out of sight. Just don't be too critical, especially with the thin-skinned. Remember their sensitive spots before you blurt out your opinions. Communication is a two-way process, so it pays to listen more to other people. The more you hear what they have to say, the better it will be in the long run. Suitable colors are tan and graphite. Lucky numbers are 74 and 2.
The more convinced you are about the truth of something, the more you'll resist anyone changing your mind about it during the next two weeks. Yet it's important that you're open-minded and receptive to a variety of ideas, especially if you're wrestling with a difficult decision. Be prepared to listen and learn, and possibly even to admit that you don't have all the answers. Fortunate colors are pistachio and sunset pink. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.
The mundane details of everyday life have to be attended to, but this is not the day to get bogged down in following orders. Watch out you don't get crossed lines and mixed messages along the way. There could be communication or travel muddles at times if you don't keep your eye on the ball. Gosh! And all you really want to do is get out of a rut and fill your life with more stimulating activities and friends. Prosperous colors are madder lake and cool jade. Lucky numbers are 31 and 34.
The cosmic aspects present a rare boon and help you avoid boring routines at work and elsewhere. You can put on a great performance, entertaining everyone, and glowing when you have an appreciative audience. You may feel that your life has become a rollercoaster ride at times, but a chance encounter may lead to a position of leadership, boosting your social status, or other personal success. Confident colors are chocolate and crimson. Lucky numbers are 40 and 28.
Feeling cheerful, extravagant and optimistic? Let's not assume that everything is going to work wonderfully well just by luck. Get into action! If you'd like to put a little more romance in your life this is the time. Venus helps relationships with children, with a romantic partner, or in social contacts. Curb any extravagance, or overindulgence in your pursuit of pleasure. Imagination and artistic urges are stimulated, either on your own, or with a partner. Advantageous colors are clotted cream and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 45 and 12.
Is fear of rejection making you hold back? Just get close to those who make you feel warm and wonderful. With the Moon in your eighth house of joint finances and intimate emotional connections, you will feel deeply and be rather secretive. Passions could rage within you and no one else would know. Fortunate colors are moonstone and scarlet. Lucky numbers are 30 and 19.
The planets are on your side, Capricorn, so take advantage of the energy. Romantic notions fill your head and you may well be inclined to a flutter. You are coming across as dramatic in action and not given to subtle hints. You need to be intellectually stimulated, so pick up new activities or studies which will broaden your mind. Don't let it all be a pipe dream. Make the effort to reach out and ask for what you need. Buoyant colors are fire opal and red coral. Lucky numbers are 11 and 13.
Mercury turns the focus of your attention to real estate transactions, repairs or other matters related to your home or property, family discussions, family business transactions, and correspondence with relatives. You may also be inspired to collect and restore family heirlooms, gather information on your family s genealogy and other aspects of family history, or visit your childhood home. Providential colors are pale grey and russet. Lucky numbers are 19 and 25.
It's the little things that will serve you best today. If you get the details right, everything will fall into place. You need to pay attention to your health at the moment: yes, I know, you're so busy, but these niggly problems can easily spiral out of control. Exercise, a good meal or two and a mental check as to how you're doing is a little bit of advice.... Communications with co-workers are important, and pass on the information and ideas that you have to others. Routine colors are shiny pearl and poppy red. Lucky numbers are 14 and 18.

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