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Born between: August 23rd - Sep 22nd

Dedicated and accomplished are the best ways to describe a Virgo as they have profound morals and are often initiative. However those born under the Virgo star sign need to take extra care to control their temper and be patient.

Spending time with friends and associates should be a jolly affair, as the Moon glides through clannish Cancer. It seems some of your friends are really more like family, so enjoy the special bond between you. Work may seem like play, as parties take up most of your time. Allow yourself to enjoy the warm glow of the season, as there'll be plenty of time for work later. Fortunate colors are Pacific blue and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 20.
Many of you will be in the public eye, as the lively Moon activates your tenth house of career and reputation. Your genius may be very much in evidence after the Full Moon; you may even have the opportunity to save the day. Take the time to groom and dress yourself well this morning -- you never know who you might meet! Advantageous colors are garnet red and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 26 and 35.
The Gemini Full Moon places the spotlight on your career and reputation; most Virgos are very discriminating and should have nothing but good coming their way during this time. However, many of you will be thrown a curve or two, so be prepared to meet the challenge. Your private life may be disturbed as the Moon shines her light on your public life... don't be afraid to tell people that your personal life is none of their business. Fortunate colors are charcoal and pale lilac. Lucky numbers are 4 and 10.
Keep an open mind while the Moon moves through your ninth house of travel and adventure. Everything you go through can be a learning experience, if you're willing to examine each situation closely. The study of law, philosophy, religion and culture is favoured now. When was the last time you read something that wasn't on the Internet? Take a trip to your local library and check out a few books. Favorable colors are maroon and tan. Lucky numbers are 9 and 23.
Mercury stations today, preparing to turn direct after weeks of retro motion. Practice creative visualization: the more you imagine something, the more likely it is to happen. Focus on the future vision you have for yourself and imagine the steps you must take to get there. Do this often and see how quickly fantasy can become reality. Beneficial colors are olive green and burnt sienna. Lucky numbers are 27 and 45.
You may feel a bit edgier than usual, especially when reality fails to live up to your hopes and dreams. Find positive uses for this energy, such as working towards making your world a better place. You can't control other people's actions, but you can control your responses and take positive action. Propitious colors are emerald green and golden amber. Lucky numbers are 35 and 36.
Going out could be dangerous on this wild and wooly day when anything can happen. You'll need to expect the unexpected and take special care in public places. Your friends and associates may need your assistance but they may also be a drain on your resources and your sanity. Romance can be exhilarating but may be tinged with just a touch of obsession. Fortunate colors are cherry red and coal black. Lucky numbers are 7 and 18.
The mysterious Moon helps you feel quite generous and passionate today and others will notice and respond in kind. Some of you may be overwhelmed by the uncharacteristic need to indulge like crazy, more like a Taurus enjoying a Bacchanalian reverie. Go ahead and let it flow; this is a great day for you to wallow in the mud with the rest of the zodiac. Fortunate colors are cabernet and copper. Lucky numbers are 9 and 30.
It will be much easier to communicate with your loved ones as the Moon and Mercury harmonize. You may even understand each other without words. You should have little trouble gaining favors from others. Pleasant relations with neighbors and people with whom you come in daily contact are favoured. If such contacts have been troubled in the past, this is a good time to improve them. Favorable colors are blueberry and cinnabar. Lucky numbers are 25 and 34.
The cosmic focus turns to private life, domestic chores and matters related to home or property. Family relationships and activities increase. Your role and influence in the family, and the need to assert and express yourself is enhanced. There may be disputes over family property. Keep your radio on the easy listening station today. Beneficial colors are chocolate brown and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 12 and 13.
If you've been under pressure lately, you might reach critical mass today. The sensitive Moon in your seventh house clashes with the Sun and Pluto, adding an edge to the mood in your relationships. You're likely to bite your room-mate's head off if your head isn't bitten off first... try to find something to laugh about to ease the tension. Those of you in intimate relationships can channel all this wild energy into passionate encounters, so avoid senseless bickering. Beneficial colors are pale aqua and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
The Moon makes a lovely aspect with jolly Jupiter, making you more sensitive to your environment, especially in the public sphere. Tender loving care for yourself or someone close to you is the order of the day; you'll be more intuitive about your health and the health of others. Those of you in the healing professions can work miracles, but remember to guard your own health first. Fortunate colors are cornflower blue and daisy white. Lucky numbers are 32 and 34.
Some exciting and unexpected communications may come your way. Good news of some kind is in the air. And since something good is likely to come out of the blue as the Moon dances with Uranus, it might pay you to take a lottery ticket. Someone's got to win it! Excellent colors are rich gold and deep red. Lucky numbers are 3 and 6.
With the Moon and Mars lighting up your fifth house of pleasure, you might feel like a colt on a spring morning. Everything takes on a more passionate feel today; you'll want to sweep your lover off of his/her feet, play with your children like you were their age again, and throw your heart and soul into your art projects. Let it flow! Advantageous colors are plum purple and cherry red. Lucky numbers are 15 and 19.
Hurrah! The Moon takes a tour of your fifth house today, emphasizing romance and pleasure. Put down your work and get outside and play; your creative juices will be stirred by joyful activity. Spend the next two days or so on vacation... no serious work allowed. There will be plenty of time to attend to obligations and duties later. Favorable colors are pale gold and lavender. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.
Disturbing dreams and intense emotions could dominate the day; try to look at this discomfort as a healing process. You may have to face those who have helped produce much of your inner torment at this time. The only way out is forgiveness: you don't have to trust or even like someone who has hurt you in the past, but forgiveness is the key to setting yourself free. Auspicious colors are ocean blue and pale yellow. Lucky numbers are 11 and 18.
The Moon is in your fourth house of home and family as retro Mercury heads back to Scorpio, so take control of your emotional responses before they take control of you. If you've never given primal scream therapy a try, you might want to experience it yourself over the next day or two. Bend down with your head between your knees, then lift up with a scream that comes from your toes all the way through to the top of your head. Feel better now? Fortunate colors are pale green and apricot. Lucky numbers are 2 and 4.
It's so much easier for you to speak your mind as the New Moon activates your third house of communication. Let your sharp powers of analysis speak volumes, as you're able to get straight to the heart of any matter. Just remember that it's easier to catch flies with honey, than with vinegar. Communicative colors are emerald and violet. Lucky numbers are 3 and 4.
As much as you would like to tell a certain someone off today, it's wiser to bite your tongue. Email can come back to haunt you; we all know stories of someone who accidentally sent the wrong memo out to the entire office. If you really must vent, wait until you get home and then tell your partner your woes. Go for a long walk first to get the edge off. Healing colors are golden amber and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.
You may find that too much of a good thing causes you trouble. What you want and what you can have may be poles apart, so try to be satisfied with what you do have. Use this energy to create something positive. You can use your imagination and be extremely resourceful under the current planetary influences. Focus on making your wishes come true without the help of a magic wand. Beneficial colors are forest green and copper. Lucky numbers are 20 and 26.
The Moon enters Libra and your second house of personal finances today, giving some of you the irresistible urge to buy something. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a small luxury, just be sure to stay within your budget. Men and women alike often splurge as a way to reward themselves after working hard. Find something that will give you pleasure and remind you that you deserve the best. Advantageous colors are sage green and desert sand. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.
As the Moon moves through your sign, you gain extra energy and confidence. Have lunch with someone special to add pleasure to your day; plan to enjoy a brisk walk or bike ride this afternoon. Keep a positive attitude and you'll find it's highly contagious. Life is good, so celebrate! Fortunate colors are brick red and tan. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
The Moon enters Virgo and your first house of personality today, helping to give you an edge in everything you do. Your charm and grace are at an all-time high for the next two days; even those suffering from depression or frustration will find it is easier to express yourself with positive results. Be open to love and other little miracles now. Favorable colors are ruby red and snow white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Those who have passed away may be on your mind, as the Moon rumbles through your twelfth house of secrets and karma. This is the perfect day to remember and cherish the memory of the dead, so don't feel like you're being morbid. It's only natural to wonder and think about those who have gone before us, and this will help you come to terms with your own physical mortality. Benefical colors are lavender and silver. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
A victory dinner with your love is in order tonight, even if you're just celebrating surviving the past six months! You have been tested and tried relentlessly, but still prevail. Your consistency in the face of transformation is apparent as your persistence pays off. The next few weeks may bring a promotion or other form of increase in status. Positive colours are royal blue and caramel. Lucky numbers are 4 and 22.
It's time to confront any negative situations. Learn from them, let them go and move forward, dear Virgo, as Mercury is stationary, preparing to hit reverse. The past can impose severe burdens on the present, as well as the future, so seek out activities that relate to health practices and a positive mental attitude. Beneficial colors are pale yellow and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 36.
Your dreams and ideals come into focus as the generous Moon lights up in Cancer. Spending time with friends is likely to be inspiring, so join the gang for dinner tonight. Plans for the future can be shared with your associates, who may have some good ideas to share. Romance is also a good bet today, especially when you are working together on something creative. Advantageous colors are bright orange and magenta. Lucky numbers are 28 and 32.
Spending time with friends and family should be enjoyable as the Moon enters cozy Cancer today. Surround yourself with the people who make you feel good about yourself; life is too short to waste time on people you can never satisfy. You can choose your own personal tribe, and blood ties are not a requirement. Fortunate colors are pale green and dove gray. Lucky numbers are 20 and 29.
Career or job opportunities may arise from a social situation today, as the Moon blends with Jupiter in your midheaven. Genius is simply being able to look at a problem from new angles, so apply a little of your own superior brain power to an old problem today. You'd be surprised at how simple the answers to some complicated problems can be. Favorable colors are garnet red and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 17 and 19.
The Moon enters your tenth house of career and reputation, combining with flattering Venus to bring you kudos. You may have an opportunity to impress your superiors, especially if women are involved. If you blend good manners and taste with your presentation, you should be able to win everyone over. Remember that 'good guys finish last' is just a myth perpetuated by sore losers! Benefical colors are basic black and heather gray. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.

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