Aries's Horoscopes |



Born between: March 21st - April 19th

Aries often are active people with great dynamics which allows them to be brave and therefore inspiring to others. Often hot headed those born under Aries will be strong-willed, determined and life-long friends.

You will have an excellent opportunity to change tack or change gear today and how you manage will depend on how well you deal with the unexpected. If you can think on your feet and run with the process of change, you can switch gear and end up on a new track. If you get caught up in trying to make something happen that is just not going to work, you'll waste time and effort. Be intuitive. Courageous colors are vivid green and peach. Lucky numbers are 16 and 18.
Whatever's happening in your life, make sure you stay grounded through simple, practical activity. With the Moon in Taurus and your solar second house, count the pennies, keep to the basics and don't worry too much about what you can't see, touch or taste. There are new ideas and schemes all around, but you don't want to get swept away by possibilities. Make change as and when you can. Beneficial colors are vermillion and sapphire blue. Lucky number is 15.
It's just one thing after another at the moment and you may have to keep adapting or adjusting to things as you go. There will be unexpected ideas or news that change the scope of what you see; this is a process of development, so just go with it. This year will see a whole new era of your life unfold. Ride the tides of change. Uplifting colors are plum and champagne. Lucky numbers are 12 and 23.
There may be changes with people you know. You'll leave some friends behind, either through necessary change or through shifts in attitude or belief. There is a break with the past as you push determinedly towards a new future. Crossing water may bring unexpected results. Adventurous colors are amethyst and silver. Lucky numbers are 20 and 25.
The Moon in your sign clashes with obstructive Pluto in your solar tenth house. If you hit any obstacles, especially people in authority, work around the situation. Don't charge head-on. You may feel frustrated or indecisive about professional direction or responsibilities. This is not time to force the issue. Pace yourself. See what happens. Stay out of sudden power plays. Grounding colors are nut brown and russet red. Lucky numbers are 17 and 19.
The Moon moves from Pisces to Aries at the end of the day, bringing a strong change of mood or feeling as she does so. You may be uncertain or uncharacteristically hanging back until the lovely lunar light blazes in your sign. Then you'll put your foot on the accelerator. However, as you do so, you'll probably run up against an obstacle straight away. Negotiate your way around it. Favourable colors are avocado and red. Lucky numbers are 1 and 3.
There's a tricky atmosphere today as Mars and Saturn are at odds. There could be minor health problems or technical difficulties that block your progress for the moment. Something may stop you in your tracks: the trick to all this is to tell yourself 'This too will pass'. Hidden information may surface tonight. Propitious colors are dark blue and light blue. Lucky numbers are 13 and 14.
As the Moon comes to the New in Pisces (your solar twelfth house) conjunct mysterious Neptune, there are likely to be breakthroughs and changes regarding creative or spiritual matters. Prepare for an unsettled period following this; you will need to adjust and go with the flow, but you deepen your understanding of the mysteries of life. A surprising event may come out of the blue. Auspicious colors are champagne and lavender. Lucky numbers are 10 and 16.
The Moon zips through Aquarius your eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes as the day begins. Whether it's the company of many or just a few like-minded people, there will be those who understand and sympathize with your aims or ideals. The air is buzzing with conversation and interesting ideas to stimulate you. You come closer to fulfilling a dream. Inspirational colors are apricot and lime. Lucky numbers are 11 and 20.
The Sun moves into Pisces and your solar twelfth house today, sojourning there over the next month. It's important for Rams to take things quietly for a while. Reflect on where you've been or where you're going and immerse yourself in creative or spiritual activities. Watch your health and also the healthy of those close to you. Plan and dream for the future, but take the quiet path for a while. Serene colors are lilac and crimson. Lucky numbers are 18 and 24.
Things will fall into place for you with regard to work and professional matters as long as you've put in the spade work. The Moon and Mars harmonize in the Heavens, setting alight your solar sixth and tenth houses. You can have the cooperation of important people. You can feel a new level of confidence in your own efforts. When opportunity comes, step up to the mark. Confident colors are rich brown and lincoln green. Lucky numbers are 19 and 24.
The Moon moves through Capricorn and your solar tenth house, so issues around work or profession, and home or domestic life are in the balance. You may need to put one thing aside to gain another. Make some hard decisions and follow them through with determination. Practical colors are salmon pink and jet. Lucky numbers are 12 and 21.
This is an excellent day for taking a fresh outlook or making a new start. You may want to be off on an adventure, either literal or metaphorical, and friends play an important part in this next cycle. Follow the urge to break free or cut loose somehow as shining dreams call you to new horizons. Ardent colors are citrine and emerald. Lucky numbers are 17 and 23.
The Moon travels into Sagittarius, giving you a dose of that restless urge for freedom. Get out and get away from the grind and boring routine. Take in some fresh air, or even run a few kilometers on the beach if you're that way inclined. Give yourself room to move. If you're of a mind for cultural activity, take in a foreign film or concert. Why not try a new restaurant and a dose of exotic cuisine? Adventurous colors are ruby red and plum. Lucky numbers are 3 and 22.
It's a weird world, isn't it Aries? With the Scorpio Moon stirring up your depths, snarky Mercury dives into the waters of Pisces, bumping heads with Neptune in your spooky 12th house. Ugh. Information and activities are confidential, and you're not inclined to share your thoughts or ideas. Contact with people from your past is also in the wind. Messages may be very subtle or contain hidden meanings meant only for you. Follow your intuition, get in touch with your subconscious, and pay closer attention to your dreams. Propitious colors are aubergine and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 6 and 8.
Money is a burning issue today and you need to sort out your spending, especially if joint finances are involved. Don't punish your credit card and keep your urges on a tight rein. With Mercury and Saturn in harmony, you can get a lot done if you act with determination. Keep your own counsel and act judiciously in matters of money. Keep a leash on that fiery temperament as well! Prudent colors are coral and cream. Lucky numbers are 4 and 26.
What's new? It'd better be something interesting, and it's likely to come in a very interesting package today. Trip the light fantastic tonight, but not at the usual old haunts or with the same old people. Even if you can't be at the swishest or trendiest nightclub with the intelligentsia or show biz glitterati, you can be inventive, or, be adventurous at home. You're inspired and inspirational, tonight. Fortunate colors are dusky rose and parchment. Lucky numbers are 7 and 11.
You may be wavering as the day gets underway, trying to please everyone (not usual for you!) or trying to work around the needs of others. Spend time listening to the other side of things or trying seeing another's point of view. Later on, the mood shifts. For some Rams there will be a night of passion. For others, you may be restless or out of sorts. Find a healthy outlet for your energies. Harmonious colors are cherry red and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 9 and 38.
As the Moon cruises into airy Libra, partners and close associates want your undivided attention. There could be important emotional issues to discuss or domestic affairs to sort out. For some Rams, a child or an elderly person will be high on your list of priorities. Congenial colors are marigold and lime. Lucky numbers are 7 and 41.
Mercury the messenger is tested by warrior Mars now, so don't fall over your feet in your hurry to go somewhere or get everything done at once. Act quickly and instinctively but make sure you can tell the difference between speed and haste. There could be conflict with friends, and money might be at the root of it. Are you overspending as you race towards your goals? Rein in a little. Beneficial colors are bottle green and burnt orange. Lucky numbers are 12 and 20.
Venus, goddess of love, moves into your sign now, driving passions and pleasures in the weeks ahead. You can race towards the horizon and take others along for the ride at the same time. Why not give yourself a new look or just a bit of good old-fashioned nurturing? Love is definitely in the air for some Rams and renewal of affection is there for others. An attraction for a work colleague is highly likely, but tread carefully with this one. Ardent colors are red and silver. Lucky numbers are 1 and 6.
The Moon blazes in brilliant Leo as she opposes both the Sun and magical Mercury, so you need to redefine your goals in accordance with the results so far. With Saturn stationary in the heavens, creative projects need some disciplined work on your part, especially if your spouse or a partner is involved. Children could be tricky, but romance is favored with those who truly share your dreams. Plan a lost weekend with someone you love or doing something you really love to do. Inspirational colors are amethyst and gold. Lucky numbers are 14 and 42.
The changing Moon lights up your fifth house of romance and pleasure tonight, putting the emphasis on fun and games. The next two days are great for romance, so plan a special night. Your friends will probably enjoy your company as you are the perfect compliment to them now. You may even find that a friendship is blossoming into something more. Providential colors are cherry blossom and dark purple. Lucky numbers are 1 and 22.
There may be a parting of the ways if you don't watch your step. The decisions you make, especially regarding friends and money will have significant consequences. If you want to make a stand or go your own way, then be sure you're prepared to make sacrifices or accept the inevitable outcome. Much of this year is about taking charge, especially where home and money are concerned. Independent colors are autumn brown and silver grey. Lucky numbers are 4 and 36.
The Moon sails through Cancer and your solar fourth house today, so emotional and domestic matters are high on your list of priorities. As the lovely lunar Light has crossed the path of sober Saturn, such things could have more than the usual importance. There are big decisions to be made and parents or older family members are likely to play a part in things. Don't be rash and take time out to reflect. Auspicious colors are apricot and sea green. Lucky numbers are 2 and 38.
King Neptune, Lord of the Sea, slithers into his watery domain of Pisces, your twelfth house, Rams. The Sea Lord will be there for many years to come, so it's subtle a generational change and a major new phase. It's an unfamiliar flavor of mystery and seclusion that will set the scene in months ahead. As time goes on you may not have a clear sense of exactly what the trouble is when the cosmos seems to cloud your vision. It is better to concentrate on gaining greater spiritual or psychic growth under the new regime. More on Neptune in Pisces. Determined colors are crimson and forest green. Lucky numbers are 10 and 18.
The Sun and Moon dance together today so cruise control will be your best option. You may be able to get what you want without even trying. Reflect on your hopes and wishes. Make sure you're not stepping away from important ideals -- be guided by them always. Time spent with a friend may well serve a greater purpose. Creative or spiritual contacts play an important part in your day. Uplifting colors are brilliant blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 14 and 29.
The Moon, Venus and Mars dance together as the Moon clashes with Neptune and Mercury teases Mars. This will be a testing day for friendships, but a great day for making romance! Ride out the stresses of any arguments and don't buy a car. If you learn from mistakes, you'll grow. Secrets or secret deals will cause problems, so keep everything out in the open. You'll charm your way through, but tonight is edgier. Take particular care in traffic. Fortunate colors are salmon pink and blue grey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 15.