Honey & Glow Candle

Honey & Glow Candle

Australian-based sustainable no-tox handmade candle brand, Honey & Glow, has fused function with style with their range of luxe beeswax candles that act as nature's air purifier. The natural Australian beeswax candles purify the air when they burn as they produce negative ions which can aid in neutralising pollutants from dust to odours to mould. Just as many air purifiers and water filters use negative ion technology; the candles at Honey & Glow produce negative ions that act as a cleanser to surrounding toxins in the atmosphere such as dust and germs that are positive ions. When the negative ions emitted from the Honey & Glow candles combine with the positive ions in the atmosphere, the air is purified.

Not only does Honey & Glow provide a range of functionally beneficial candles that are sustainable and no-tox, the beautiful beeswax candles are poured into stunning and stylish vessels. The Metallic Range boats the options of Metallic Bronze, Metallic Gold and Metallic Matte Black while the luxe Copper Range includes two different sizing options for a beautiful copper coloured glass vessel, complete with a fitted back ceramic lid. Fusing health benefits with function and style, the candles produced by Honey & Glow can help you breathe easier while providing a luxe statement piece for the home.

Honey & Glow is founded by Australian beekeeper and permaculture farm building duo, Erin and Marty, who hand-make each candle in their home studio. The candles at Honey & Glow are made from 100% Australian beeswax and contain no paraffins or soy wax and are not artificially fragranced or coloured. Instead, the gorgeous candles emit a mild and sweet aromatic smell of honey and depict a natural colour derived from the pollens stored in the beehive that naturally stain the wax.


with no carcinogenic chemicals, the candles created by honey & glow do not produce toxic byproducts or heavy soot when burned.

honey & glow candles produce negative ions when lit which aids in neutralising air pollutants such as dust, odour and mould. providing a cleaner atmosphere to breathe easier, honey & glow candles can be beneficial to people suffering from asthma or allergies.

unlike some overpowering artificially scented alternatives, honey & glow candles produce a mild and sweet natural honey scent.

in addition to providing a cleaner atmosphere, honey & glow candles are naturally dripless, when used properly, as they produce no by-products they are safer to burn.

honey & glow candles emit a pure light, close to natural sunlight, which is beneficial for our vision while still providing a beautiful glow.



Review: As much as I like candles that smell they often overpower me and leave me feeling a bit heady.  Totally love honey and glow's candles that cater to those of us that are sensitive to fragrance.  Naturally scented, not overpowering, so perfect for me.