Everyday is a holiday on a Scoota

Everyday is a holiday on a Scoota
If you find yourself staring longingly at the sunshine outside, itching to fulfil the sense of adventure that ignites your spirit, why don't you indulge that yearning for fun by letting the wind really race through your hair on a Bolwell Scoota of course!

Take the feeling of freedom and fun that comes from holidaying and ride it all day long without having to take any time off work. For the cost of an overseas plane ticket Bolwell Scootas can bring the spice back into your life whilst attracting a few onlookers along the way.

Bolwell Scootas are the perfect antidote to the mundane - no passport required! With Bolwell you can live everyday as a holiday in your own city instead of daydreaming about Tuscany, Athens or Madrid.

Freedom, fun and a spirited awareness of the natural environment is what holidays are all about. If you've always wondered what scooting is like, why don't jump on to www.scoota.com.au to plan your journey.

Sydney is one of the most multicultural cities in the world so why not zip down to Leichhardt for a yummy gelato, head to The Rocks for a dozen oysters or nick down to Chinatown for world-class yum cha? Grab some culture and fun on your own piece of Bolly heaven.

As well as being a fun and sexy way to get around, scooting Bolwell-style is incredibly practical. Forget the daily drudge of scouring the streets for a car spot. Bolwell Scootas are small, manoeuvrable and oh-so-easy to park!

On a Bolwell you'll also be an eco-traveller as they're fuel-efficient and have greatly reduced emissions compared to cars or diesel-fuelled buses. So this means you'll look hot, but not in an unfortunate global warming way!

And just like a dream come true, Bolwell Scootas are affordable and economical, starting at $1990 plus on-road costs, and for a mere $5, you can fill up your petrol tank and roar up the freeway and into the sunset. So give the travel agent a miss and scoot into your nearest dealership today and check out the full range at www.scoota.com.au.