Heated Towel Rail In Summer

Heated Towel Rail In Summer

Why Buy a Heated Towel Rail in the Summer

Many consider heated towel rails to be something you purchase in winter or an item that is only necessary during the colder months. On the contrary, a heated towel rail is just as essential during the warmer months, as it is when it's cold. Bathroom Butler Australia shares their reasons why you should consider using a heated towel rail in the summer.

Water Savings
There has never been a more significant time for us to be conscious of how we use water and other natural resources. By using a heated towel rail to dry your towels after every shower or a swim, instead of washing them after each use, will significantly reduce your water usage (and bill). Towels dried on a Bathroom Butler heated towel rail don't need to be washed as often as the average towel.

Beach and Pool Days
During summer, we tend to use even more towels than in winter, because we spend more time at the beach and swimming in the pool. A heated towel rail not only dries your damp swimming and beach towels but also helps reduce your laundry pile and negates the need to use a tumble dryer, which in turn saves electricity and leaves you with more time to spend doing what really matters, enjoying summer days with family and friends.

Choose Your Temperature
Steer clear of misconceptions that heated towel rails are for warming towels. Those by Bathroom Butler were designed to dry towels, which you want when you are using the same towel throughout the week. To reduce towel bacteria and keep fresher between washes. And with the Personal Temperature Selection switch (PTSelect), you are able to adjust the temperature at which your towels are dried. This means that you can decrease the heat in the summer and increase it in the winter for all year round use. In addition, the PTSelect Switch helps to reduce running costs by 60% – another great feature.

There's Nothing Better Than A Fresh Towel in Humid Summers
No matter the time of year or the weather condition outside, our heated towel rail ensure you have dry towels all year round, which is especially necessary in humid summers. Drying towels at 50% humidity and above is a nightmare, leaving them overnight and hoping for the best doesn't work and makes your towels even more damp, musty and smelly. Using a heated towel rail is more effective and leaves your towels dry and fresh for the next time you need them, after a bath or a swim.