Hawley Silkymit for Face, Legs & Feet

Hawley Silkymit for Face, Legs & Feet

Hawley Silkymit for the Face

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We can say goodbye to waxing, bleaching and tweezing with Hawley's amazing wish list product. Hawley's news Silkymit for the Face is the long awaited, jiffy little product that gently, safely and effectively tackles unwanted facial hair in no time flat.

Every girl will fall in love with Silkymit's infinitely superfine and eco conscious man made silicon carbide crystal pads that lightly buff away hair from the upper lip, chin, or cheeks leaving the skin velvety smooth to the touch and silken soft. Silkymit for the Face is the travel easy, go anywhere product. Packaged with 4 refill remover pads that adhere to the applicator.

RRP: $7.95

Hawley Silkymit for Legs

The fuss free way to sexy city pins
Perfectly smooth legs are always well groomed with Silkymit, the fuss free, natural and safer alternative to hair removal. It's unique glove design features a pad covered with superfine crystals that slips over he hand to whisk away unwanted hair in minutes, buffing legs to velvety smoothness and leaving the skin silky soft.

No nicks, no odour and no waiting for messy cream to activate as Silkymit does it instantly without the use of chemicals or blades. Work great for those sensitive to waxing, it exfoliates as it removes unwanted hair and helps slow down regrowth. Use Silkymit on dry skin and gently rotate in a circular motion- a few times one way then in reverse. It's the perfect traveling companion that can be stashed into you carry-on giving you plenty of room for that extra pair of your favourite sandals!

Packaged in a box of 3 that retails for $7.95.

Hawley Silkymit for Feet

For totally tender tootsies.
The new Silkymit for Feet makes short work of rough spots, calluses and dryness. Its unique glove design slips over the hand to speedily buff away dead surface cells and tough, hardened skin in seconds, leaving feet feather soft and fabulously smooth.

Silkymit for Feet is an indispensable tool that stashes easily and travels wherever you go to be used anytime feet show signs of roughness. Use time and time again to refine and refinish the skin. Wet or dry, Silkymit for Feet is so practical and versatile you can even use it in the shower or bath! Packaged in a box of two (2) mits that retails for $7.95.

Available at Pharmacies, Shaver Shop, Priceline and Big W across Australia. For nearest stockist call Hawley on (02) 8667 1700 or www.hawley.net.au