Roll Away the Signs of Ageing

Have you ever looked at older photos of certain celebs and wondered where their acne scars went - (Cameron, Brad, Britney)? Our money's on medical skin needling! Here's why...

The only options available over the past few years have involved various laser machines or skin needling. Laser machine treatment can leave the skin with post trauma issues- some skins become lighter in colour and more sun sensitive, while some individuals are left with red, raw skin for a period of up to six months. Since the downtime for skin needling is less than 24, it's most probable this has been the treatment choice for Hollywood stars.

The Dermaroller is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring; while simultaneously boosting collagen production for a toned, younger-looking skin. It even works to combat Hair Loss.

Invented in 2000 and engineered in Germany, the Dermaroller is similar in appearance to a mini paint roller, but is embedded with 192 ultra fine needles.

As the only TGA listed skin needling device on the Australian market, results include:

  • Reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction of large pores
  • Oil flow regulation
  • Re-pigmentation- production of new melanin
  • Smoother, more refined, younger looking skin

    Think of the Dermaroller as a non-surgical facelift!

    A clinical Dermaroller treatment begins at $600 and is available at selected beauty clinics. Cosmetic clinics and Plastic Surgeons can offer deeper treatments with treatments starting at $800. Three treatments are usually required for collagen induction treatment with full results achieved after six weeks, although just one treatment can reduce scaring by 90% and stimulate collagen by up to 100%.

    The Homecare Dermaroller, RRP$225, will achieve similar results in six months, and is available at selected beauty and cosmetic clinics and plastic surgeons nationally.

    For further information or stockists, call Clinic Care on 1300 799 709 or or

    Dermaroller Beauty Mouse

    Found: Mouse that Fights Cellulite and Stretch Marks!

    Youve met the Dermaroller, now meet the Beauty Mouse - a handy device incorporating three Dermaroller heads,designed to fight cellulite and stretch marks found on large surface areas, such as thighs, stomachs and buttocks.The Beauty Mouse is a unique instrument which helps stimulate the skin, improves the microcirculation and helpsto deliver active substances into deeper skin layers.

    Similar in appearance to a computer mouse, the Beauty Mouse is embedded with a total of 480 ultra-fine microneedles, with a rolling width of 50mm (two inches). At over double the width of the Homecare Dermaroller, theBeauty Mouse reduces treatment time by almost two thirds.

    With regular use, the TGA-listed Beauty Mouse enhances the benefits of skin care products in treating conditionssuch as cellulite and stretch marks. How does it work? When rolled on skins surface, the 0.2 mm needles(painlessly) penetrate the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum), creating micro channels whereby substancesapplied to the dermis gain access to the deeper and more viable skin layers. The micro channel delivery systemallows active ingredients maximum absorption and stimulation. When combined with exercise, diet and targetedproducts, the Beauty Mouse is a vital step in the eternal quest for smooth thighs!

    Apply DERMAQUEST DermaFirm and infuse with Beauty Mouse every night for firmer skin within 4 weeks.

    The Beauty Mouse, RRP $285, and DERMAQUEST DermaFirm, RRP $150, is available at selected beauty andcosmetic clinics and plastic surgeons nationally. Medical treatments to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and loose skin are available at selected medical clinics. For further information or stockists, callClinic Care on 1300 799 709

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