Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

The emotions of loss and grief are experienced by all people and have been studied at such deep levels that we can know we are not alone in our suffering and we will get back to feeling normal eventually!

The good news is we don't need to suffer in the dark. While things may get better just on their own, there might be a better way…

Certified life coach and author Danielle Simone has developed a powerful thought provoking 12- week online course, to empower women to take action to improve their lives. Drawing on her training and own lived experience, her 12 Weeks to a Happier You eCourse aims to show women the way forward by helping them identify which next steps to take.

She designed the course to provide ultimate flexibility. No matter where clients live or how complicated their lives are, they can learn and work through the steps at their own pace and in their own time.

"Sometimes when people feel at a crisis point, it can be really tough to find the advice and support they need in a hurry, or in a form to suit the complexity of their lives. I want women to be able to act in the moment, before the chance to make things better – is lost. "But an online course gives my clients the freedom to work at their own pace, at a time that suits them. If they need to wait 'til the kids are in bed, they can. There's no need for babysitters, nor even to leave the house to find a way to improve their home life. If you have experienced a relationship ending or a friendship turning sour you might believe you will never feel better again! Maybe the other person ended the relationship which throws you into a spin of emotions.

Danielle believes that we do need to remind ourselves of the truth - that people go through these same stages, usually not at the same time or even in the same order.

"We all suffer losses from our relationship breakdowns, and it takes time to work out how we will to go forward on our own. We may have hurts buried deep down and these emotions may be triggered by what's being said and what's happening, the other person may also be triggered but are dealing with different emotions to you."

Danielle stresses the importance of support. "This is why both of you need to surround yourself with people who can offer you love and support. The saying 'Hurt people, hurt people' certainly rings true. When we are hurting, we are inward focused and find it difficult to understand the pain someone else is feeling." Danielle knows it takes courage to take the steps that will move you toward living more of the life you truly desire, but believes you can do whatever you decide in your heart to do.


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