Greg Larsen – Useful Idiot

Greg Larsen – Useful Idiot

I'm Greg Larsen. I used to play in a punk band, I used to go to protest marches, and I used to feel passionate about social justice. But that's all in the past. These days, instead of playing in bands, I just play video games. Instead of going to protests, I go to Bunnings and cry. Instead of fighting for social justice, I'm running out the clock watching The Sopranos on DVD. It's still good on the fifth watch.

Where did it all go wrong? Why did I lose my passion? Has the whole world gone to shit or do I just have depression? No, the world has definitely gone to shit.

Beginning his career writing YouTube sketches and stand-up comedy, Greg Larsen has gone on to carve out an infamous TV career, tour the country performing live, amass millions of views online and win some of the biggest awards in Australian comedy.

In 2016, Greg took home the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Director's Choice Award alongside fellow comedians Anne Edmonds and Damien Power for their cult-hit, parody show True Australian Patriots.

Most recently, Greg was a core cast member on ABC's Tonightly with Tom Ballard, filming 160 episodes before finally pissing off enough 'important' people for it to be axed. Google 'Mr. Oily' for further reference.

Greg Larsen is the kind of comedian who will make you gasp in equal amounts of horror and delight as you whisper to your friend "what the actual f***?" This is comedy you can't un-see.

Larsen is bold, creative and knows far too much about The Sopranos. Come and spend an hour with this very useful idiot.

Dates: Thursday 28 March – Sunday 21 April (No Mondays)
Time: Tuesday - Saturday 9:45pm, Sunday 8:45pm
Venue: Melbourne Town Hall – Lunch Room
Address: Cnr Swanston & Collins St
Ticket Prices: From $25