Gin Loot

Gin Loot

Learn about gin by tasting it. Discover three new gins a month, delivered to your door with Gin Loot.

From the creators of Whisky Loot, Australia's most loveable whisky subscription service, Gin Loot launches to bring you an experience of a lifetime, immersing your senses in some of the world's best gin from the comfort of your couch!

Curated by gin sommeliers and delivered over a 12+ month journey, the Gin Loot experience takes you on a monthly adventure of learning through tasting. We're talking about all types of gins; classic gins and New-World gins, from how gin is produced, to crafting the perfect Martini. Gin Loot subscribers receive a curated monthly selection plus expert tasting notes and videos to learn along with, helping you to understand and appreciate the aroma and taste, plus recipe cards to make some tasty drinks.

Just like learning an instrument by practising, you can build your confidence in gin. Begin as a gin lover, and become a gin expert. There's no commitment. You can cancel, pause or skip a box at any time.

So whether your relationship with gin is a throwback to a classic G&T, or you're an avid explorer of Juniper-heavy aromas, we'll walk you through the story of gin's extraordinary complexity and depth, in this second Golden Age of Gin.

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Review: Totally can get behind this idea, what a great way to start to know Gin and explore new ones. I've started with;


Poor Toms Distillery - Sydney Dry Gin



Nose - A trio of pine, lemon zest and violet flowers sing in unison. A barely-there cardamon and white pepper undercurrent add interest and intrigue.

Taste - Herbaceous, grassy notes combine with floral lavender. The juniper is there but a little more on the earthy side, and a touch of liquorice root sweetness.


Torino Distillati - Malfy Gin Con Limone



Nose - An enormous blast of refreshing Lemon sherbet. If you dig a little deeper, there are some slightly earthy and resinous pine notes, but they are very much in the background.


Taste - The tingly sherbet vibes continue onto the palate, but there is a slightly better sense of balance. Juniper waves its hand to remind you it's a gin with some earthy root vegetables and cinnamon spice complexity.


Four Pillars Distillery - Modern Australian Gin



Nose - Tingling peppery spice merges with zesty grapefruit and lemon peel, jumping out of the glass. A traditional juniper and coriander spice create a robust backbone.

Taste - Very textural - creamy & oily. Bags of warming green cardamom and juniper the body, with the finish trending towards woody peppercorns and slightly bitter grapefruit pith.




I couldn't be happier trying these gins, The Malfy is probably my favourite but I do have a bit of a sweet tooth and taste for Italian, while my bestie who is a bit more of a gin connoisseur was originally leaning towards the Four Pillars (no surprise there will the corriander flavours), but has landed on the Poor Toms as her gin of choice, the Malfy proving too sweet. Well I guess there is market for varying gin flavours.