Ford Fiesta WT

Ford Fiesta WT

Ford Fiesta WT

The Funky Ford Fiesta Gets A Revamp
One of Australia's favourite small cars, the Ford Fiesta is sporting a fresh new look after receiving a glamorous makeover to launch the model's WT range. Offering greater variety and style for Aussie drivers, the Fiesta WT series includes wider availability of diesel power options, new sedan models and an all-new six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The Ford Fiesta WT is the stylish girl's modern car; with a reasonably large boot and low level fuel consumption the new look Ford Fiesta WT opens the small car to a much larger market.

The Ford Fiesta WT is the stylish girl's modern car; with a reasonably large boot and low level fuel consumption the new look Ford Fiesta WT opens the small car to a much larger market including busy mums and grandmothers too.

The Ford Fiesta WT has a range of high-tech gadgets such as Bluetooth, hands-free voice control and most importantly the car runs very well and is surprisingly quiet! With remarkably smooth steering the car is very 'zippy', almost effortless to drive and is the perfect size for all carparks in the city or the suburbs.

The most important features are the MP3 connection plug (for all popular personal entertainment devices) and the amazing heater - which works a treat on the cold winter mornings.

The car seems to be well built and designed, with a large dash top, selection of cup holders for the morning coffee and an impressive layout. The important accessories are extremely easy to use and navigate from the driver and passenger seats, whilst the seats are easy to move which creates ease when the car has different drivers. One of the stand-out features is the visibility of the side mirrors which provide a thorough view of everything around you.

The reasonable price of the roomy yet, compact Ford Fiesta WT ensures that high-tech features and brand new cars are affordable for all.

A more fuel efficient drive
Leading the Fiesta's makeover is a new highly efficient 1.6-litre (66kW) diesel engine which is impressively fuel-efficient, consuming only 4.4-litres per 100km.
This efficient diesel power is available in the Fiesta LX sedan, LX hatch or Zetec hatch which is now available in Australia.
A 1.6-litre petrol engine with manual transmission is standard across the updated Fiesta range (except ECOnetic, diesel; and CL sedan, auto). Like its new diesel sibling it has low fuel consumption using 6.1-litres per 100km.
Meanwhile, the impressive five-door Fiesta ECOnetic will continue to be Australia's most fuel efficient car delivering amazing fuel economy (3.7 litres per 100km) meaning you can drive from Sydney to Melbourne on one tank of fuel (that's over 1000km per tank of fuel).

A Fiesta first: the new sedan
For the first time Aussie motorists can combine all of the Fiesta's great features and exceptional carrying capacity, with the new Fiesta WT sedan's impressive 430 litres of cargo space. The sedan will be available in both CL and LX models.

New Powershift® six-speed automatic drive
Now you can enjoy an all new, six-speed automatic transmission in the updated Fiesta range. This technologically advanced drive which uses dual-clutch technology is normally found in much larger, more expensive vehicles. Its design offers the fuel economy and responsiveness of a manual with the convenience and ease of an automatic. The new Powershift® six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission will be available with the standard 1.6-litre petrol engine.

Safety first
Feel even safer behind the wheel of a Fiesta WT, with Ford's Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) which comes as standard. This computerized technology improves the safety of a vehicle's stability by detecting and minimising skids on the road.
Plus, all Fiesta WT models will have up to seven airbags (five for Fiesta CL) and additional break power from ABS braking, a safety system which prevents the car wheels from locking up while braking and Emergency Brake Assist, which assists in emergency stop situations.

Entertainment on-the-go
Stay connected in the funky WT Fiesta CL with Bluetooth and voice-control technology and listen to your favourite tunes with MP3 connections for all popular personal entertainment devices. On closer look, you will also notice a number of subtle exterior design changes which enhances the Fiesta WT, including new wheel designs and for the WT Fiesta CL, body-coloured bumpers.
Finally, take your pick from nine paint colours and three exciting interior trim choices to complete the new WT Fiesta.