Fjällräven Limited Edition Art Series

Fjällräven Limited Edition Art Series

An Unusually Durable Design

Kånken was first created in 1978 to help prevent back prob¬lems that were emerging among Swedish school children. Two A4 school binders determined its size. Since then, Kånken has just increased in popularity and is now used by children and adults all over the world.

The bag's timeless design made from durable, water-resistant fabric Vinylon F has never fallen out of fashion. Its straight lines have an additional advantage from a sustainability perspective: there is almost no waste when the pattern parts are cut from the fabric. The shoulder straps are made from a single long piece of webbing that is integrated with the back handle, a detail that also contributes to increased sustainability.

On top of this, its design has been recognised as a work of art. In 2016, the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design, Svensk Form, listed Kånken as applied art – comparable with music, film and literary pieces – citing its distinct, low-key design and high level of functionality.

Today Kånken is available in more colours, sizes and models than ever and is famous for its ability to become a much loved and personal companion in people's daily lives. Its large community of wearers are using it to carry everything from grand future plans to ordinary lunch boxes and are impressively personalizing their Kånkens with stickers, pins, patches and even crochet - photographing it, drawing it and sharing their ingenuity with the world.

As a tribute to the creativity and devotion that this remarkable backpack kindles, Fjällräven introduces the Kånken Art special edition for Spring & Summer 2019.

Kånken – world famous for its iconic design and its uncompromising functionality since 1978 – is about to make history again. An innovative collaboration with two Swedish artists has created something extraordinary: Kånken Art.

Each backpack is an expression of creativity and each backpack gives back to nature through the Arctic Fox Initiative. These two special edition designs celebrate the inspiring diversity that is present in both nature and us humans.